How can Time travel (back in time) be possible?

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Because if it was wouldn’t people from the future already be travelling back to our present for example to tell us the cure for aids or cancer to save people (or travel back to make money)
In other words, if it was possible to travel back in time, people from the future would already of travelled to now, if you understand??

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This is not possible, if it was we could never die, we would have to be around when people from the future showed up for a visit.


Any time travel capability would be controlled by a government agency of enormous security and time travel would probably be either forbidden or severely limited by choice. Ever heard of the butterfly effect? just because one day we might have time travel capability doesn’t mean Humanity would start using it willy nilly or coming back in time and saying hello.
Time travel would be possible by travelling faster than light but since nothing can travel faster than light and nothing with mass can even get to the speed of light let alone past it time travel although possible theoretically may be beyond our capability forever.


Its not like you think. When you time travel back , you can do nothing on the past world rather than just sit and watch . People on past cannot see you. You are invisible. But in future you can have conversation with your future human. TIME TRAVEL IS COMPLETELY POSSIBLE. You can live intelligent live through sharing high energy gravitational field ( graviton). Perhaps the other universe is just a millimeter away from us , but we cannot see that because it is in higher membrane. May be people from future sitting near to you or me now. But we cant see them because they will be like an illusion.


Travel is forbidden into the elasped past. One cannot go see Rome as it was, for instance. But one can travel to a nearby past, one that might seem very similiar to the Rome that was, as long as it takes place in an alternate reality. Time travel is about travelling to other universes, not into a “time that is passed”, as in, History. The past has trully passed.
We know that the era of Rome is over now. It cannot be reached because the events have already occured. Time Travel into the past is not allowed because one’s own arrival there (I call it a TIMESPLASH) would disturb the course of events, creating an alternate reality. You see, even the slightest deviation from the past that WAS makes it disimiliar from what occured. We would bring knowledge of the future into the past, and that makes us an alien. So, when one TIMESPLASHES one creates an alternate reality. The past has no impact on the future that is connected to it, (as is imagined in science fiction) because the past is simply not reachable once it has elasped. If you think of a stone entering the tranquil water of history, the time traveller causes ripples upon this surface, changing it. A parallel reality is forged by his/her arrival. Time travel is about travelling to other universes, not the past that has already transpired. This wipes out silly paradoxes completely. Anytime you time travel, you go to a new reality. And you can’t go to the same place twice, at the same time, so there can be no conflict. Lightning does not strike the same place twice, essentially.
If aliens (and they must be aliens, or strangers) are coming from A (with emphasis) future reality, they are probably lost and know little about our culture or problems. The TV show Slider’s talks about the multiverse concepts, that there are infinite parallel worlds. Of course, they get lost, and that is what is likely for any “Time traveller”…
There are a multitude of “pasts” and “futures” that are available to reach. Time is not about ONE past and ONE future but many possible pasts and futures. That is the truth of time travel. Check out the series, “Slider’s” for further clarification about parallel realities.
Btw, Saravana is right that one can only observe the past, not influence it. Arrival in the past creates another time line.
Here’s a little scenario I came up with to demonstrate how making money with knowledge of the from the future about the past is risky, if not impossible. Say that you manage to find a world that is quite similiar to our own, and by using a time travel device from the future, you arrive there, as a stranger. You are able to exploit some of the information there, (say, a virtual cure for something like Herpes) and you make a bundle of currency. You take it back to a time very much like your own, and make a deposit in a bank. Totally psyched, you decide to go back to another reality, they return and add more money to your stash. You do the same thing, then return back to a time that was similiar enough to your own future so you will be assured that your money is at least there. You walk into the bank, with your account number, but it isn’t the same. Opps! You errored! In fact, a guy matching your description opened that account, the one you can’t access because you don’t have the number! That person is you, but from a parallel dimension. He is doing the same thing you are doing, but without knowledge of you. There are two of you, and you cannot get back to your the future where you deposited the money, it is now lost. Maybe your double has taken the money out, or he has vanished. In any event, the account number is wrong, the back won’t let you into HIS account.
Goes to show that geting money unfairly is not good karma….hehe


Time travel is possible, the unwrapping of time in the forward motion is possible. Backwards motion is a bit tricky, because you remove yourself from your high horse concept of linear time. If you could travel backwards all you would find is the world as it is without people, get the idea?!
Now time travel in itself is a very peculiar thing, since we are speaking of time and space. You would actually have to move faster than the speed of light in order to travel through time within space, but here is where things get interesting.
Space time is not simply linked to our time and space, it intersects many possible causalities. Meaning there an infinite number of space times continuum’s that one could imagine, that enters the realm of a parallel universe.
If you could travel through time its just as likely possible that you might inadvertently travel to an alternate reality and get to meet yourself or I should say your duplicate you.


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