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How can this near-death-experience be scientifically explained?

Years ago, my mom had an operation, and almost died. While her heart had stopped, she regained consciousness, but from her viewpoint, she was above her body close to the ceiling. When she looked down, she saw crash carts and frantic doctors trying to revive her. She felt peaceful, and saw the whole experience in color. When she woke up, she felt angry and cheated. Later on, when she talked with her doctor, she explained the entire experience, and he confirmed that the things that she saw and heard were things that were actually going on in the OR.
1. She had this experience before people started talking about them, so the priming effect is unlikely.
2. It was in color, while she dreams in black & white.
3. The things that she saw and heard were real, so it probably wasn’t a hallucination.
4. If near-death-experiences were random and chaotic nervous impulses (an exotic defense mechanism), then you wouldn’t expect such detail.
5. This is a true story.
Any thoughts?


  1. The life of the world is but a pasttime, it is the life of the hereafter that you should seek. Why are you so surprised? Did you think this is the only reality there is? Your mother has been blessed to have been “in limbo”

  2. Sure. It cannot be scientifically explained. Why should it need to be? Faith is the belief in things hoped for but not seen. I have heard all sorts of scientists try to pawn off some reason and deny God’s existence. They state that nerves cause color aura in the vision field, or that traumatic brain trauma may cause this or that… and I have to call BS on all of it. Scientists cannot explain God, and therefore try to make up reasons that deny Him. It’s okay… when we die, we will be without the scientists, lawyers and politicians anyways, so let them believe what they want to.

  3. Yes I believe that these things do occur.Your mother’s time was not then. These experiences are real. If you believe in the after life then there is no problem understanding but I guess if you don’t then it would be hard.God didn’t want your mum for a sunbeam quite then luckily.

  4. scientificly there is no explanation to the fenominom that occured but she did not die because it still wasen’t her time to die every thing happens with a reason,if it seems that it is immposible to live at the time yet she does its because it no gonna happen yet.

  5. The latest answer to the near-death experience is that the brain is dying and creates the light in the tunnel.
    You either believe a person when they return with this narrative or you don’t. To see, with your eyes closed , can’t be explained away, like hearing or feeling touch.
    I was hurt when only 4 or 5 and I saw clouds and angels and heard singing. That felt real and I remember it that way. My eyes were open and I was telling my mother about it as I experienced it. At 4 or 5, I had not heard about anything like that. Also, true.

  6. Probably the easiest answer is simply that, even tho the
    heart has stopped, the brain has not ceased functioning.
    The brain is an amazing organism. Her body was under
    stress as was her brain. If she was conscious, then she
    was semi-aware of what was going on about her perhaps.
    While she ordinarily does not dream in color, this was no
    ordinary night. Her body and brain functioned but functioned
    abnormally. She was able to experience what was going on
    around her from what seemed to be a distance…and that
    distance happened to be from aloft. Long answer but I can
    definitely see how something like this could occur.

  7. My dad had the same experience back in the 1960’s. He had an allergic reaction during a surgery and he was above his body watching the doctors and nurses saving his life. I don’t think there is a way to absolutly prove this one way or another. There are things in life that are absolute….for instance 2+2 will always equal 4 That is an absloulte. Other things like medicine and phychology things like that arn’t absolute.
    You are right this happens to too many people to think it isn’t a true happening.
    I personally had a near death experience. I was bleeding to death. When the ER took my blood pressure it was 30/zero. At that moment a code was called and dozens of doctors and nurses were working on me. I had a great deal of pain. First of all my ears started to buzz and my hearing went away. all was silence. Then things got black & white….then I felt no pain or fear and I closed my eyes…….I was in the white light. The speed of the light was so fast, not sure if I was moving through the light or the light was moving. I thought to myself. WOW this is the day I die. I didn’t think I would be so young. But, I did acomplish many things. And I was loved & had three kids and I have three grandchildren. Just then it was as if I saw their faces…….first the oldest one, then her brother. Still I was so content and peacful…I had no fear, no worries, no insecurities, no needs, a peace that transends human experience. Then when my youngest grandaughts face crossed my mind, I had a split second of indicision. I knew that this faulture in contentment would take me out of the light…….for some reason I felt that I needed to stay alive for that grandaughter. Her mom was a single mom & I was like the second parent. I then heard the doctor say my name and pleaded with me to open my eyes. I didn’t want to, I remember wanting to stay in the white light, but I realized that I couldn’t. I opened my eyes and suddenly I was in a great deal of pain. I saw the mass of doctor’s and nurses working on me. I saw my mother’s frantic face. Instantly I realized I wanted to go back to the white light and that incredable peace. I closed my eyes hopeing that the white light would be there for me. It was gone. When my eyes were closed I only saw the dark.
    With that I faught to live. I was in intensive care for several days.
    I am glad I am alive. But, I also know that death isn’t as frightening as I thought it might be. I know that eventually I will be in that white light again and go all the way to wherever eternity is.
    I believe in near death experiences. If it were pure brain chemstry reacting to lack of oxygen, then why are the people able to explain what happened like your mother and my father did. Also……the white light thing seems universal. I just didn’t get far enough in to it to see some things that others do, like departed family members.
    Yes I believe!
    We are spiritual beings on an earthly journey


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