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How can there be Buddha quotes if Buddha does not even exist?

Why do everybody always quote buddah sentences? How can he say things like that if he never existed?

Example :

“Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law.” – Buddha

I don’t see any Zeus or Medusa quotes


  • Buddha did exist, he was the son of a wealthy ruler who abandoned his wealth and birthright in searh for peace and enlightenment.

  • To say that Buddah doesn’t exist is one thing. Nirvana means blowing out after all and there is also the concept in Zen buddhism of tada — or just. To say Sidhardtha Gautama, the Prince who renounced the world to become Enlightened did not exist is something else again. I shall frankly just say about him what i say about these arguments of Jesus — five hundred years later in Jesus’s time books were the property of the very affluent. Every page meant you had to kill a lamb and prepare its skin or you had to import papyrus reeds from Egypt. five hundred years later it got worse. And yet there are four nearly contemporary biographies of Him we call the Gospels. There are more than four of the Buddah. That they contradict each other is irrelevent. Books were more expensive then than they were in Jesus’s time, and facts as we understand them today became possible when recordkeeping was accessible to most people through the advent of printing. The biographies prove that Prince Siddhartha was very important to some very important people shortly after he lived. This should be sufficient proof that he existed, as the Gospels, in the most mundane or prosaic sense, should be proof of Jesus’s life.

  • There are of course the Buddha.

    Buddha Enlightened by Conditions Shengwen this sector is not in six to four holy reincarnation.

    Heaven Hell evil Asura animals as sentient beings who for six.

    Simply sentient beings according to their own good and evil reincarnation of six cases, increased more than good, evil and more down.

    When the section of the six reincarnation because only after the rise to four holy community.

  • Buddha existed…Buddha himself is Siddhartha. He’s the Buddha ‘The Awakened One’ and from then on he was called Shakyamuni Buddha.

  • Sure?
    Is that so?
    Look in the real world.
    Decode this lyrics ” You’ll see ”
    “Wonderful wonderful”
    “Wonderful life”
    “Time after time”
    “Don’t know much”
    “Wonderful world”
    “Just another day”
    “What a wonderful world”
    “Mama Mia”
    “Nobody told me”
    “I can see clearly now?
    “Dirty old man”
    Simple common sense?
    Was it not that Buddha was Gautama Buddha an Indian like you and me back in the past in time?
    Was it not his hear-say only from the Book of the Dead was dead and wrong, was dead and buried, was long gone in time?
    Was left with empty skeleton of skull and bones with two empty eye sockets and mouth full of dust like you and me too having left in time?
    Can the dead being dead with his hear-say only from the Book of the Dead be better than the living like you and me who is still surviving in the real world in time?
    Do we follow the dead when we are still the living in time?
    What if the dead was still primitive with self lack of knowledge?
    Do we follow the dead in moving backward to the twilight zone in different time zone too in time?
    Can the dead follow us in different time zone without crumbling into dust in time?
    Luke 21.30-36
    Luke 9.25,55-56,60
    Luke 8.5-8,10-17
    Luke 24.44-45,47-48
    Genesis 11.1,3-9
    Luke 9.60
    Luke 24.5
    Luke 16.13
    Exodus 20.1-7
    Revelation 22.13-17
    Exodus 20.1-17
    What do you think?

  • As opposed to Jesus, the Buddha, Siddartha Gautama, has many more recorded mentions of his life outside of holy books and apparitional sightings. He most certainly did live.

  • There was a buddha his name was Siddhartha Gautama, he was a prince in India and he came up with a philosophy, it was:Life has suffering. People suffer because of desire. To end suffering end desire by following the eightfold path. This is Buddhism, buddha means enlightened one. So yea Buddha was real because there is all this information about him.

  • Buddhist believe that anyone can be Buddha and there can be multiple Buddha. Buddha is not a person, rather I guess you can say a spiritual state in religious success. For example, Siddhartha Gautama found the Buddha within him.

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