How can the religions Christianity and Daoism/Taoism relate to the recent calamity in the Philippines?

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I need some help for my Social Studies report about my chosen social issue in the Philippines[Storm Ondoy]. I need to identify a social issue in the Philippines and try to relate two religions which can explain or answer the social issue.

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I live in Singapore and was a theistic taoist and christian, now atheist.
As far as THEISTIC taoism is concerned, disasters are not caused by the gods.
But as far as christianity is concened, there are MANY bible verses that say that the christian god causes disasters.


I heard today on the 700 Club that they have already mobilized Operation Blessing, their charitable branch of CBN to assist those suffering from this calamity, as no doubt dozens of other Christian organizations have done.

Luke M

why dont you do something practical and actually help someone out over there?

Brother Trucker

True Christianity would have to react by feeding the hungry and thirsty, clothing the naked and protecting and loving the fatherless.
Sorry I am not up on my Daoism and Taoism but if I remember they all have the teachings of love and brotherhood so I would think each will react according to their ability.


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