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how can tai chi be used in a fight?

I have seen tai chi. and i understand that it is not easy to do and it takes alot of practice.
but i have been readding diffrent yahoo answers and people make it seem like a highly effective martial art. Afew people said it would win over muay thai.
I dont get how a flow of slow careful movements prepares you for being in a fight.
is there something im missing?


  1. It improves stress reduction, balance, and agility. Tai chi needs to be done with another martial art. Read this article in the source.

  2. ” The term t’ai chi ch’uan literally translates as “supreme ultimate fist”, “boundless fist,” “great extremes boxing”, or simply “the ultimate” ”
    Tai Chi teaches what is called internal power. Through years of training and dedication, one achieves a sensitivity of oneself. Your body becomes ‘connected’.
    The best way to describe it is to think of the typical martial artists body as a bunch of clocks. The torso is one, the arm is another, and so forth. Some times these clocks are in sync with eachother, and that produces great power.
    Now, a tai chi artists body can be described as a single clock. The smallest little gear moves every other gear. A great tai chi master even utilizes their pinky toe in a strike. Every single aspect of their body is worked into every movement.
    Most tai chi is practised slow, but that is just meditative tai chi. Practical tai chi uses bursting movements, combined with a solid base. Technically a tai chi master should not need to evade, but rather, as soon as he is hit, his clockwork body reacts, and his entire body diverts the blow and counters.
    Tai chi is one of the most difficult things to explain, but if you want to look it up, the Chen tai Chi grandmaster is named Joseph Zhonghua. He is my teacher’s teacher.
    Well, I hope I helped, but I must be off to class! When I return I may elaborate or clear up some of the mess you just read, ha ha.
    Best of Luck!

  3. In a nutshell, slow forms means training proper body mechanics, strength and flexibility, coordination, sensitivity, silk reeling, energetics, etc. Having said that, in Chen Style Taijiquan there are only two forms that are practiced slowly. These are the long form and the sword form. And even then, the slow forms also have sudden bursts of energy within them. Everything else, the short fast form (cannon fist) and the weapons, are practiced with faster tempos.
    The trick in crossing from forms practice to applications is as follows: push hands, grappling-push hands, fighting drills, applications drills, grappling sparring, striking sparring, free-fighting sparring, and self defense scenario training. These are done at slow speeds, medium speeds, then fast speeds. These are done at first with compliant opponents and then with non-compliant, resisting opponents. Initially you use padding and protection and later on you minimize the padding to simulate more realistic scenarios (this requires more skill to avoid unnecessary injury). And then these are also done with weapons.
    However, it is of the utmost importance that you find a good instructor if you want to learn to use tai chi in a fight. Good luck.

  4. The othergus pretty much said it all. Taiji is practiced slow so u can feel how ur chi flows thru ur body. Then at the higher levels u use ur yi to move ur chi to move ur body. It takes a good sifu thats generous with his knowledge and years of dedication to learn.

  5. You are missing something alright. Advanced Tai Chi is very fast. Check out the Chen style on youtube by any of the Chen masters (Chen Bing, Chen Xiaowang). Out of relaxation comes speed and power. Most people never stay with Tai Chi long enough to get past the beginning level which focuses on the relaxation. Most people just enjoy the relaxation and don’t explore it any further than that.


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