How can someone who professes to be a Christian do something like this? Esp. to her own daughter??

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I haven’t spoken to my mother since my dad died last year from brain cancer. We have never gotten along very well and she said she never wanted to speak to me again. Then I found out she was screwing with my exhusband (at the time when he WAS my husband.) Regardless, I’ve tried on a couple of occasions to reestablish contact but to no avail. Well, today would have been my dad’s birthday so I thought I would try again. At first it was okay but then she started asking if I’ve made anything of myself and that nothing I could ever do would be worth it. She said she wishes she had aborted me then she wouldn’t have to deal with my stupid calls and snivelling ways. I asked her what the deal was, cause I was really trying to be nice, especially since she’s the one that f***ed my husband. Then she said that I was the devil and needed to be destroyed and that she would pray to God that He will strike me down! And people wonder why I’m in a spiritual crisis right now??)
I hung up the phone after that. I’m so pissed off and hurt at the same time! I don’t know whether to cry my eyes out, punch a hole in the wall, or go get drunk. Maybe I’ll do all three.
How can someone act like this and still be call herself a Christian? I’m have been so screwed up spiritually I don’t know what to believe.
I’m not trying to bash anyone here but I just need some answers as to why some believe they can still be so cruel and profess they are saved through Christ?
Esther: Then I have one wild imagination! Remember, not every had a “rainbows & lollipops” upbringing.
capnarlo: Thank you for the verse. I’ll make note of it.

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You’ll excuse me if I don’t believe you.


Simply put her heart is not right. She is not a follower of Jesus.
Isaiah 29:13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me


Your mother is total poison. Avoid her. “Not talking to her” was the right idea. Don’t call her again.


Has your mother had a mental health evaluation? Her behavior is self-destructive. I won’t judge her faith, as that is between her and Jesus. But I do wonder if she would benefit from psychiatric care.
As for your hurt, you showed considerable courage in reaching out to her. But we aren’t called to allow our parents to be abusive of us. If you try again I would make clear that you love her but will terminate the conversation immediately if she becomes abusive.
Pastor John


I’m sorry to say , but your mother sounds like a toxic woman. And your ex-husband is quite a piece of work to boot.
I woulnd’t blame you for keeping your distance from her
However, it’s possible that she needs professional therapy. Saying that you need to be destroyed sounds delusional. If you wish to help her, talk to someone like her priest or pastor. He might be able to convince her to get help. Or go some other family member to try to get her to therapy.
There’s probably nothing you can do directly. Frankly, I think for your own good, you should stay away from her. Your other family members should understand.
This doesn’t have anything to do with faith. If your current church won’t support you though this, find one that will.


Well hun, just because they call themselves Christians does not make them one, you can take a ford symbol and put it on a chevy, but that car is still a chevy and not a ford. I would have to ask what kind of morals your mom has. Not all Christians are like that, I am one of them that is not and I know more that is not like that.


that is not normal Christian behavior.
King Saul was tormented by Demons and Pursued God’s annointed (David). Maybe she went wrong somewhere and left God behind.


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