Sunday, September 26, 2021

How can someone reach a higher consciousness or realm?


  1. concentration or meditation, basically. and of course if you only choose to see the good in life, etc. the more beauty and goodness you see and think of the further you will move from fear, agony, boredom and all that stuff.

  2. A higher level of consciousness is always available to humanity. You have to search past the ordinary and understand the rythmn of nature and the Universe.
    This takes time, practice and meditation.
    Email me if you need…
    Good Luck

  3. I think all the other answers so far have been a waste of your time except in that they demonstrate what not to bother with. There is only one higher consciousness and it is not them or me, but it is nonetheless. If you want to reach it you must first ask yourself why.

  4. You gotta go there. It’s like going to the market to get food. First, you gotta know where the market is, of course. Like ross up here very well said; you gotta know why; meaning you gotta ask yourself certain questions which will point you in the right direction…
    Good luck!

  5. I’d say through drugs or meditation. Drugs are certainly a way to alter consciousness, some strong psychedelics are able to expand it, thus fitting an idea of a ‘higher’ consciousness. However the best way to do this would be to augment the brain with computational circuits which allow for a greater understanding and more sensory data.

  6. forget about someone…how can YOU reach a higher state of consciousness?
    We, humans, have the possibility of living in FOUR states of consciousness. But Nature only develops us up to a certain point, where we use only the two lowest states.
    These are ordinary sleep and then, ordinary consciousness. To penetrate the third state of consciousness REQUIRES effort, knowlege, often help from others who have already achieved the third state, persistence and luck.
    To become conscious (for ordinary consciousness isn’t consciousness at all. It’s really just “waking sleep”), you must try to be conscious of yourself. Instead of simply observing something, anything, observe yourself as you are observing that something. Divide your attention between the object and yourself in relation to the object. This is called SELF-REMEMBERING.
    You must try to do this in all situations. When you are happy but particularly when someone is YELLING at you, when they are ANGRY at you. This is the most difficult thing because the emotions can be so distracting. But the more you can do, the more you will be able to do. And if you do this for a long time (and I’m talking years) you may reach a state where you realize that everything you see is really actually YOU. This is satori and there is nothing that you can compare it with.
    This is actually the FIRST step in ENTERING THE WAY. The Way may lead to a genuine third state where a new function enters, called Higher Emotional Function, the qualities of which appear MAGICAL to ordinary consciousness. There is NOTHING to compare with mystical states. NOTHING.


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