How can someone evolve into the higher consciousness and dimensions of the mind?

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Since philosophy focus on concepts like metaphysics, logic and epistemology, then it’s possible for our minds to go beyond the surfaces and discover hidden mysteries of the world. But most likely people would want proof but what if you just know? The idea of knowing..? Like, I know God exist.
How do you think Newton or Einstein used their minds on mathematics and science?
haha this doesn’t make much sense but still answer.

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It makes sense, and I think that someone could. I just don’t think anyone has been able to do it yet. It would be great to be able to do so, but I doubt anyone will ever do so.
To your second question, I haven’t got a clue. They had to have some sort of, higher state of thinking, but not too much higher than that of our own, because then, some of the things they came up with, might not make sense to us.


It makes alot of sense. If after meditation or an understanding of your own personal truth or whatever you call it, personally, you find yourself in a state of awareness that is unexplainable, don’t try, this is the quickest way to lose it. Einstein believed that time was a dimension that was different like sound or physical dimensions, he proved it, by an equation, this led to equations for small objects and atoms that could not be seen by anyone’s microscope. They used minds of many people that were before(or after) them. Time will tell. If a UFO could change time, they could make a turn slowly, and it would seem quick to anyone looking. A fly’s lifetime only lasts a couple days. It’s a lifetime though.


Meditation , enlightenment, since we barely use the full capacity of our brain. But at this point science would have to find a way to tap into the ran you rest of our brain. We soon may be able to do that but what I fear are the implications of human greed selfishness, wickedness…


Keep asking and seeking…it is a path that will last a few lifetimes.


The way I see it, it takes time for certain sensory inputs to be regarded as universally valid enough to be generally accepted. For example, the five basic senses are the building blocks for our current society. We are very well acquainted with them and can use them to verify data directly and indirectly using machines, which use principals which are based on them.
As we nourish our abilities to collectively tap into higher senses, we will be able to validate new concepts that the world was largely skeptical towards before.

Phoenix Quill

The passionate pursuit of truth.


‘Knowing’ isn’t everything. Mentally ill people know the CIA is watching them through the cameras in their coffee cups etc… knowing without questioning isn’t enough.


meditation and all natural psychedelics are the oldest methods. then you have LSD as a newer mode. the key is a dissolving of previous boundaries. boundaries block things from you, conceal truths and falsities within beliefs. culture is a network of boundaries. the world view which you hold is absolutely crucial, and the level to which you are willing to question it will determine your comfort level when traveling down the rabbit hole (look at Einstein’s stroke at conformity to the world view with his greatest blunder of adding in the cosmological constant to his equations). we as humans have limits for what we can handle, so if we are talking actual evolution of the human brain, well its always happening, but is still a slow process. how long will it take? 2012? 2050? 3000? never? right now? no one knows, not scientists, not Christians, not Jews, not Buddhists, not anybody can tell you. all we got, all your gunna get outside of “I think, therefore I am” (or essentially, that if you are currently thinking right now, then you are absolutely SOMEthing, SOMEwhere. but that doesn’t really get you very far if you want ABSOLUTE end all truth) is going to be truth enough. and that is the plain and simple fact of the matter that the 20th century helped to demonstrate.


It is not impossible for someone to just know something; however it requires both a bit of arrogance to define you belief as knowledge and a lot of luck to be actually correct.
Our entire modern civilization however has been built due to proof and evidence to find knowledge; philosophically it is the only way we find knowledge. The philosophical branch called Rationalism deals with knowledge that we have at birth, this idea however is not accepted very widely and most philosophers and scientists consider humans to be a Tabla Rasa (Blank Slate).
Simply put you are deluded and arrogant and there is no evidence that a god exists.


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