How can someone become a witch and what are the positives or negatives?

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Not to do evil but always been interested in it and was wondering how to begin. I know it takes a lot of research and knowledge, but how do I start.

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Fat Cupcakes

Read Harry Potter.
Then you can go to imagination land and have fun 🙂
Be safe!


There are online wiccan schools and the faith revolves around connecting to nature. It is very positive

Mister Diddlez

Probly some crazy stuff. Youll have to join some weird cult and do some creepy rituals and i dont know any positives.

Neo-Queen Madeline Of the Sun

Buy some books on Wicca and start studying. If you can find a coven, that’s great, but you don’t have to. You can pracice solitary witchcraft. Some people say it takes a witch to make a witch, which means you HAVE to join a coven and get initiated, but I don’t think you have to. I assume that once you start actually worshipping the lord and lady and casting spells and communicating with spirit you can call yourself a witch. Blessed be!!


Hi There —
Well, first you need to understand that there are many different kinds of witchcraft, and ways to practice it.
Witchcraft is technically, a group of “arts” and “sciences” – like Divination, herbal and spiritual healing, Shamanic-type healing, and various other practices, which are done by peop;le in many different religions — including, by the way, some kinds of Christianity — for example, there are some kinds of Gnostic and/or Mystical Christianity that do practice what we might call “magick”. For more info on them, see:
There are other kinds of witchcraft that are combinations of Christianity or Catholicism, and native practices — two examples of these would be Santeria and Voudun.
Another kind of witchcraft is Wicca — this is one of the most popular forms of witchcraft right now. For more on it, — including to find out more about the “negatives and positives” of practicing Wicca, since that would be a topic too involved to be able to address it here very well — i would suggest the following resources :


You become a Witch through study, dedication and patience. It’s a LOT of hard work, but beneficial in the end. Witchcraft has nothing to do with evil or good. It’s about working with natural forces or energies that surround everyone and everything, to achieve a desired goal. The intent you place in that energy deems it good or bad.
For every spiritual practice or belief, there are pros and cons. For Witchcraft, they can include:
Pro: A better understanding of yourself and the world around you.
Tolerance for more.
Opening yourself to more experiences
(Depending on which branch of Witchcraft you wish to become involved in) A greater understanding and relationship with a new deity, if you so choose.
Expanding your knowledge of things not commonly taught
A greater understanding of how Nature and the Universe works beyond scientific understanding
(practice wise) a new way of creating change involving nothing more than self and will
Alienation of loved ones (friends, family)
Intolerance by those who do not understand your practices (by both strangers and familiars)
(practice wise) the possibility that some practices may not work or not work the way you want.
Employment issues (many who do not understand your practices may not wish you to be employed by them, however it is illegal for any employer to ask your religious background, eventually your secret could come out and you could have issues).
The key to get through all of these pros and cons is to just take it one day at a time, and be choosey as to who you tell of your practices, if you choose to do so. Even your closest friend could turn their back on you once you come clean. Be sure you can trust them.
Otherwise, it’s a great experience. I have gained more benefits from my practice as a Witch, than I ever did from a previous religious choice.
As for how to start, I have some steps for you (these steps are tailored to those seeking either/or Wicca or Witchcraft):
Step 1: Decide. Do you want to be a Witch or Wiccan? The two are separate practices. Many confuse the two and interchange the terms. Wicca and Witchcraft are two separate practices.
Step 2: Contemplate. Why do you want to be a Witch/Wiccan. What do you hope to gain from the practice? What do you hope to accomplish? What draws you to it? Have you cleared up any misconceptions regarding either practice?
Step 3: Study. Read, read, read, read, READ!!!! Anything and everything you can get your hands on. Even the so called “Crappy” books by bad authors, as everything has some tiny hidden treasure out there.
******Form your own opinion. Don’t be a sheep following everyone else’s opinions.*******
Step 4: Study some more. Learn about different practices, divination, deities, traditions, herbs, etc…
Step 5: Practice. Begin to practice what you have studied. Trial and error are great ways of learning. **Don’t forget to record**
Step 6: Declare. When you feel you have gained enough knowledge to comfortably carry on a conversation regarding your practices, and feel adept enough to answer any possible questions raised about your practices and beliefs, you can comfortably call yourself Wiccan or a Witch.
Hope this has been of some help.


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