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How can someone be educated and believe in AStrology at the same time?

Isn’t it primitive to bellieve in that crap.WE are in 2010 seriously they should grow up I see feeble minded idiots on this site hating people because of their birth sign are those people educated enough to use interlectual thoughts to live an independent life are these people edcated at my medical school my friends were talking about how bullshit Astrology is


  1. is it possible someone can be educated enough to type and use a computer and not realize how stupid people can be? Maybe some taught them to believe in astrology… they are educated but just not in the same things you are

  2. so let me get this is straight. you’re so smart that you have come here to waste your own time by telling us that astrology is rubbish and we shouldn’t waste our time. kinda hypocritical don’t you think?

  3. Apparently, being open minded has nothing to do with intellect, or you would not be asking this question in this manner. You see “feeble minded idiots” and I see people who aren’t educated enough about astrology. You judge people who are here as being uneducated, but you misspelled all the big words you tried to use, sadly.
    If you’re going to insult people in a high handed and arrogant way, you might want to actually be as smart as you want others to be. Otherwise, you have no credibility.
    If you really are in medical school, I sincerely hope you lose the ‘tude before you start in a practice or I would feel sorry for your patients. You would be too arrogant to admit you were wrong or didn’t know something, and they all would suffer for it.

  4. I have a Masters degree, but all my education never taught me to be skeptical and ignorant.
    It’s important to be open-minded and have the humility to accept there are phenomena you don’t understand, but are willing to learn about.
    Your attitude is very sad and unevolved.

  5. Uneducated questions deserve uneducated answers. Duh !!!! I agree on one thing although. people hating others because of their sign is really feeble-minded. Have to give you that one.

  6. as there are no “constellations”(the stars we see are nowhere near each other) it does seem unlikely, as there are only twelve signs and 6 billion people it would mean 500,000,000 people in each sign are the same

  7. I’m educated (University),very well read and quite sensible; but for some reason when describing a Scorpio one describes me and I have found the same to be true of many friends, relatives acquaintances. There are some horoscopes that I find are more accurate than others but generally, I think that you should allow yourself the benefit of at least reading about your astrological sign; you may find that it is uncanny. If you find your astrological sign describes you well, then even just that knowledge may give you a deeper understanding of yourself. I’ve found that Susan Miller quite accurately does my Scorpio horoscope on a consistent basis and she focuses on positive things that can never hurt if I keep her prognostications in mind. Bottom line; anyone who hates someone, for whatever reason, especially something as limited as an astrological sign, is pretty stupid. But believing in astrology and the deeper self awareness it can offer is not.

  8. because it works, if you study it truthfully and with a more open mind, you will see it works for you too. you could say the same about anything before you’ve studied it.


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