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How can some atheists believe in energy, but scoff at the idea of an always-existing God?

Scientifically, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It is always existing. Why can’t God be part of this? It makes sense! I hate when atheists say, Where did God come from? Uh, hello, where did energy come from?

Also, do pantheists ever incorporate Catholicism? I mean, what if energy is God, since both have the same qualities?


  • Science is just an answer for the unexplained, as is religion. Science is not fact, it is the next best theory. People said that SCIENTIFICALLY you could not get any smaller than an atom; then SCIENTIFICALLY we found protons and neutrons and electron and further down we find quarks, leptons etc. Energy is just a way of explaining how things do ‘stuff”. Also the laws of physics as many people have quoted are not neccesarily correct either, I mean the human culture has come up with these laws and say they have been set… But the speed of light has been broken by accelerating particles through a medium. If energy can only be transferred then where did it come from originally; the fact is we will never know for certain if we look at it scientifically. Science is based on observations and mathmatical principles; but we cannot prove where energy has come from without orginally being there, so science cannot prove where energy came from. As you can probably tell I am religious, I am a Christian and I am also studying A-Level Physics, so I am no unknowledgable idiot saying random things about science. Science infact doesn’t say that God does not and cannot exist, i am someone who believes that the inter-relation of these two principles is vital, I mean it doesn’t say anywhere in the bible that God used magic to create everything, and science is one way God could have created the universe.

  • i am happy to accept that fact, but the religious claims of a god and its personality its character and its actions, isnt part of that, nor are they fact
    religious claims have no basis is science, energy does, other life existing does

  • what god do you speak of?
    There are many, from many religions and no evidence for a single one.

    I believe in energy because Science has proved it.
    I scoff at the idea of gods because they were invented by scientifically illiterate people
    and people still believe because they are afraid of hell, not because of evidence

  • It’s an observation. Energy is always transfered in some manner and cannot be suddenly gained.

    I suspect that you are mistaking the term ‘energy’ for some sort of mystical force though, since you are suggesting that ‘energy’ could be God. Energy is just a property of matter, try not to mistake fiction for science.

  • Energy doesn’gt say I’m born a sinner, that my only purpose in life is to love and to worship energy
    Energy always exists, no life, no emotion, that’s all
    But you, when it come to your always existing God, you made up all the BS things about an ark, about flat Earth, about talking snakes…
    No it doesn’t make sense!

  • We can measure energy and observe it changing from one state to another.

    If God could always have existed, then why couldn’t a non-God-requiring universe always have existed?

  • It’s one thing to believe in energy, and another thing entirely to believe that all energy acts as a single being, has intelligence, is aware of humanity, and is benevolent toward humanity.

    That’s a lot of unfounded assumptions that don’t stand to scrutiny.

  • Atheists think of themselves as intelligent and ruled by reason. Most atheists don’t believe because they decided one day that they didn’t want to be put in the same category with the massive hoard of “believers” who portray themselves as idiots. Its ultimately just a public relations problem. I think any person who is ACTUALLY intelligent and reasonable couldn’t deny the existence of some sort of intelligent force if they spent any time researching it themselves and not just getting caught up in the popularity contests of the skeptic community.

  • We don’t know the answer to energy yet. Just like, we used to think the world was flat and everything revolved around the earth. My point is, when humans don’t know how something works, they just say it’s God that makes it work. We have come hundreds of years finding out about how things work and how they were created SCIENTIFICALLY. This is just another piece of the puzzle we haven’t solved yet, so therefore most peoples’ explanation: God created it.

  • I’ll leave your question on energy to an actual Atheist. I can answer the other one though.

    “Also, do pantheists ever incorporate Catholicism?”

    Pantheism says that God and the Universe are two different words for the exact same thing. The Pantheist god can’t have CREATED the universe, because that would have required a god that is separate from the universe to begin with. So no, Pantheism isn’t really compatible with Catholicism.

  • Uh, hello, energy makes your computer work. Energy is measurable and predictable, energy obeys the laws of physics. What part of energy is god then?

    Do we generate god from power stations? Does the electricity grid have an opinion on our sexuality? Is my microwave oven planning to send me to hell?

  • Bravo. Touche. I must say, the thumpers are getting smarter. I’m impressed. Now explain how an omnipotent entity can love us but let us suffer and you’ll be all set. As for ‘energy and God having the same qualities’, energy doesn’t love us. It’s indifferent. Are you saying that God does not love us ? Bravo. You’ve gotten smarter again. But, having said that, why should we worship this god ? He doesn’t give a flying fuck about us.

  • And what I am hearing is … what it, what if, what if, what if, what if, what if…. bla, bla, bla….

    If “what if” is all you have, what if Santa Clause is really god. What if the flying spaghetti monster is the reincarnation of Jesus?

    What if life is just a dream…. shaaa-boom shaaa-boom!

  • Cos… well, cos… well, cos energy exists.

    AronRa: Gods and magic are the most simplistic excuses ignorant primitives have ever imagined to explain anything.

    We could just as well suggest a pair of siriusly long-legged blondes from Sirius… accompanied by their miniature pet humanoids on the way home from creative writing, did it… or bored little dwarfs or elves..

  • What if you get back on your meds ?? If you’ve never been diagnosed and put on meds … Why dont you seriously consider it ? What if the color blue really isn’t blue … what if it was supposed to be called red and we just got it mixed up ?


  • SOME? I know of no atheists who doubts the existence of energy.

    Let’s see, how can people believe in the existence of something for which the evidence is BOUNDLESS, but scoff at an incoherent notion for which the evidence is ZERO?

    Uh, easily.

    Energy does NOT have consciousness.

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