Do you get a cat scan (spelling, sorry) when you go in? How can they tell what is really wrong with your brain (chemical imbalance) before prescribing medication? Will a good psychiatrist admit when you don’t need pills? Will they refer you to a psychologist instead? How can a psychiatrist tell they are diagnosing the correct illness?


  • i would agree with twilite that behavior patterns do point toward specific illnesses. But it is also important that the patient be as honest as possible with the psychiatrist about what they are feeling and thinking.

    Thoughts and feelings can’t be reliably “seen” any other way than through telling them. And some thought patterns, and pervasive feelings are a big part of psyciatric illness.

    They do have to guess a bit, so it really makes it worse for the patient if there are things you’re not telling the doctor.

  • they can diagnose the illness the same way your general doctor can diagnose a cold- by the symptoms- they have gone to school to learn the symptoms of this type of illness

  • If its a mental illness, they cant see it when they look at your brain, just when they, like, talk to you and ask questions. If you had an non-mental illness whos symphtoms were like those of a mental illness, they would talk to you first, not do a CAT scan. Then if they thought it might be something (specific) non-mental, they would give you a CAT scan.

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