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How can pituitary disorder make you taller?

Gheorghe MureÅŸan (1992-2003) ex-basketball player. He is 7’7 tall. He had pituitary disorder, which made him that tall.
Quote from wikipedia – “his great height is the result of a pituitary disorder” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gheorghe_Mure%C5%9Fan
i want to ask how can pituitary disorder (glands) make you tall.


  1. The pituitary gland is responsible for growth hormone production while you sleep, among other things. People with pituitary disorder have ‘acromegaly’, or produce too much growth hormone, causing them to grow extremely tall.

  2. Basically because the gland secretes GH growth hormone. The usual problem that leads to gigantism, if it occurs while you are still growing, or acromegaly, if it occurs in later life, is a pituitary tumour called an adenoma.

  3. If the pituitary gland releases too little or too much HGH you can grow into a dwarf or midget or a giant.
    You can find futher information in a web search for gigantism + “pituitary gland”.


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