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How can people try magick once, fail, and claim it isn't real when magick takes much practice?

Its not like prayer where you throw yourself to the floor begging a fictional god to help all your problems go away. Magick is doing something to help yourself. And that takes practice… and gets results
Aleister Crowley changed magiC to magiCK to tell the difference between tricks and real magick


  1. I like the way you think. I think of magic like Prayer with action. You have to help yourself like that saying “God helps those who help themselves.”

  2. Then I should be able to ask a “Magick master” to cast a spell for me. If he/she can’t do it, then “Magick” does not exist.
    Why don’t you try a Levitation Charm for me, Harry?

  3. because magick is bullshit.
    if there were really people doing magick there would be an institute for it because it defies the laws of physics ectt.

  4. Right, the more time you let pass after doing your magic spells in your mom’s basement, the more likely it is that you will get what you want based on the passing of time alone.
    “Additional Details
    Aleister Crowley changed magiC to magiCK to tell the difference between tricks and real magick

    Crowley died an old broken down drug addict- obviously all his magicKs couldn’t do anything useful for him. But you kids never even think to see how your hero’s lives ended to see if what they based their lives on had any sense of use, do you?
    Don’t just see what this guy was doing in his prime, watch how his life fell apart. It’s because magick isn’t real and he didn’t get anything from it. He would have been better off getting a real job- he had tons of money when he was younger after all. Imagine if he put that cash into a real career instead.
    His legacy would have been knowing he lived an easy and fun life, instead of just a bunch of nerdy kids online thinking that he’s so cool because they can’t relate to their peers.
    If I was Crowley I’d be embarrassed the nerdy kids cared so much about me. He could have been a pimp while he was still alive if he played his cards right. The kind of fame he has is worthless- I bet he would agree. I’d rather be popular among the cool people and hot girls.

  5. Magic is influencing your environment and manipulating others to suit your will, which in itself makes it immoral. What “god” do you worship?
    If creation(or nature), why reject the Creator? The magic that you practice is deception and delusional at best, and more likely demonic and is about personal power and gain.

  6. of course, why would someone receive something they didn’t work for? lol even in witchcraft we need to practice lol

  7. When the type of person that would make that kind of proclamation turns to magick to get results, it’s usually because they’ve exhausted all the other easy answers.
    Also, look up the word “kteis” in regards and you’ll find a clue as to the REAL reason that Crowley used the k in magick.

  8. Aleister Crowley died questioning his beliefs,,,,old broken and alone and addicted to heroin..he was not an evil man, just a very lost soul.
    If you believe in harnessing the power of magik ,surely you cannot prove this source is less fictional than you accuse God of being.
    Be very careful with this..I just wish you wouldn’t.

  9. Ah yes, Aleister Crowley’s # 1 fan.
    Evil, satanism, the occult. he is your god, right? Well, keep practicing this evil “magick” and you will get to be with him for eternity. Oh wait, hell doesn’t let you see others. just hear their ear piercing screams from the eternal torment with fire. Maybe you will be able to distiguish his voice from all the millions of others. it’s pretty black down there, so you will have to rely on your sense of hearing and smell. btw, I hear the smell is really putrid. burning flesh. makes me shudder.
    My God is real. He is alive, and He sits on His throne in Heaven, waiting for all to come to repentance.
    Repent! and turn from this evil and you may be saved from this horrible torture that awaits those who reject Jesus Christ! It may not be too late for you to turn. Repent of all your sins and ask Him into your heart. He will create in you a NEW HEART. One that doesn’t desire to do evil, but to do God’s will and not your own.
    Jesus said, “You are either with Me, or against Me.” If you’re not with Jesus, then you are with satan. satan doesn’t care about you. he hates you, just like he hates everyone. he promises you earthly things, then takes your soul to hell with him. He only cares about taking other souls to hell so they won’t go to heaven and be with the Lord. Because he knows he will never enter the gates of heaven again. Woe to him and to anyone who follows him! The lake of fire is where he will end up and so will you if you don’t turn to Jesus! Repent and be saved!


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