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How can people believe in Ghosts and the Occult?

With no proof at all for this tripe, how on earth can people believe in ghosts, vampires, werewolves etc. Surely this is on the same level as the tooth fairy and things like that. I have never seen any empirical evidence for this rubbish and we never will.


  1. Wrong. We’ll understand many more things when we learn more of matter at the quantum level and below.

  2. I totally disagree, my whole family has seen the same spirit over and over again in a house we used to live in…..my daughter from the time she was young and even now at 17 see’s them frequently. You may never see one in your lifetime but I have and I “Believe”

  3. Okay, there’s no evidence. But what’s the harm in believing?
    There is somethings in this world we just can’t explain, and if every one would think like you, we’d never really know if ghosts exists or not.
    Maybe one day we’ll find proof, and until that day, I’ll just have my own beliefs and opinions about it.

  4. Basically the same way people believe in religion: Because they want to. They are misguided either by their own desire to see things or believe in things that are supernatural (they feel lonely, want to feel special, etc.), or they were brought up and raised that way and they think that their parents would never tell them anything that isn’t true. Usually parents just want to teach their children what they believe, not to do any harm but to “save” them, as with religion.
    It’s a matter of psychology.

  5. How do millions of people blindly follow religion? It’s the same concept. Faith perhaps or just stupidity. Ok sure there is a bible supposedly written account of the life of Jesus. That doesn’t make it true. People believe different things because they are brainwashed that is what they are to believe.

  6. If you saw santa claus squishing his fat ass down your chimney then you’d have to believe in him. Why would a ghost bother showing itself to you when you’ve already made up your mind? Just because you’ve never seen one doesn’t mean that others haven’t.

  7. People believe in God with no proof. There are occult mythologies that are older than the bible.
    I dont believe in ghosts or any of that either, but I also dont believe in God.

  8. I tend to agree with you however others will not. It is a neverending battle because we cannot disprove them and they cannot prove themselves right, so the battle rages on.

  9. You know no one can really explain why anyone believes what they do… But what about the people that have witness a demonic attack and lived through it… What about the people that have witness a vampire or a werewolf attacking a love one that gave his or her life so that the other can escape with their lives and body intact…. Now do these people deserve to be called liars or insane because of what a non-believer might think… Or should they just be put away for surviving a monsters attack… Now you say hey I want proof while this child watcheses his or her mother or father being ripped apart by a beast that should not exist because you say so…… Well the truth is out there and you don’t have to go into space to find it…. And if you really want proof try the freedom of information act and read about what our Government really says about the reality of the existences of werewolves and vampires… And get ready to have your mind blown away………………

  10. actually the occult is very “real” there have been many books over the ages about demons and the stuff allot wrote by good christians to fight against the evil and some wrote by the occultists themselves as a compodium of knowledge


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