How can peek the interest of a succubus?

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I would like to offer myself fully to a succubus and I’m not sure how I can get one to come and visit me.

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wanna meet my mom

Miss Friendly

Pray, child, and God with give it to you…
… give it to you good, he will

Grim Jack's Ghost

You need to be big…
I mean we’re not talking just big…
We’re talking huge…
Not just huge I mean insanely huge…
I mean not just merely gigantic…
We’re talking ginormic…
Good luck with that. 😉


Wow. I have heard that it’s th best sex you can ever have. A friend on one of the astral forums tried to get one interested but the more he tried the less it was interested. He used astral travel a a technique.
Dunno if I would do it though I have been attacked by one in the past, which I successfully banished so I can’t say if the astral sex is good. Apparently they try to steal your prana as well.


Best of luck to you, I’m trying to run across a water nymph myself

Lalouch K

I have some info that might help, and you must do like i say…ok?
First you must think of a succubus and here beauty for about a week. Second you must boost the “supernatuaral energy” in your home by reading sexual succubus ghost stories. Third when you sleep you must sleep on your back and talk to the “other side” for at least a week. then at the end you must lie on your back at around midnight with no one else around. you must not have covers and you must lie there on your back while falling asleep and literally beg for a succubus to come, This SHOULD work but it will only work for about one night. then she will only visit you with no sexual acttion. That is why i am lookin for a real summoning ritual not the fake crap u always see with no chants. On that note succubi are only harmful to those who hurt them or are a fallower of christ or catholic. so they wont hurt you or at least burst never hurt me. So if i can help u in any way plz tell me and i will be glad, all u have 2 do is email me…


Iv been trying to get 1and it xtremely hard 🙁 if you can help contact me at


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