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How can our Collective Consciousness be used to bring Peace and Love to All Life?

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Peace and Love
If a man should conquer in battle a thousand and a thousand more, and another should conquer himself, his would be the greater victory, because the greatest of victories is the victory over oneself.


  1. Will the ‘Media’ ever let people drift towards peace and love………….and we need the media to spread the message……….if peace and love prevailed they will have nothing sensational to report

  2. You answered your own question with Ghandi’s quote.
    You have to BE the change. BE peaceful, BE loving. Eventually a gradual change will come about, and others will see your example and join you. When your OWN examples of love prove to be the light in others’ lives, those people may see you as a role model.
    Imagine in 2000 years time, bumper stickers emblazoned with the phrase:
    What would Digilook do?
    That’s when it becomes a problem. Love is not a commercial product. lol
    EDIT: Thanks for the Buddha quote. I, for one, will never pretend that I have conquered myself, no matter how often I may feel so. I do know that I am walking in that direction, though. Until I truly reach that goal, I will never know how far I have gone, or how far I have yet to go.
    Loving and peaceful in Nature

  3. As much as we would like that happen it will not happen until every last person on earth is dead and the trash souls have been sifted from the good then we can all join the collective consciousness and live happily ever after. There will never be peace in this life. Sniff and sigh.

  4. what we are is consciousness in thought..therefore we must change the way we think..
    “there is only one light of consciousness,and “you” and “me” are holes in the lamp shade”..

  5. Namaste.The objective would be to show that ultimately war and violence is harmful and meaningless to mankind.
    Great differences have developed,divided and weakened society … spreading fast is superstition,ignorance,blind faith,greed,selfishness,hypocrisy ect…
    The historical events of world peace atmosphere of a happy co-existence could perhaps be reality of the future following generations…if we prepare the path on which those who come later will be able to walk with ease! Shaanti.

  6. I think it is necessary that we are in the same level, tuned to the same vibration field. As we continue to vibrate in so many different levels, some are more attached to material values than others, some are much more selfish than others and so on, it is going to be hard to bring Peace and Love. However, I believe we all are going toward a Perfection, so the day will come when we will all be peaceful and loving. But Gandhi is right, if we do the change inside of us first, we will affect others around us. If we vibrate peace, we will get peace spread out and returned back to us. If we teach peace, people will learn about it and even you can influence one single person in the world, your job is done.

  7. If a human being desires to bring Peace and Love to All, he must locate and discard the faults within himself, and discontinue finding faults within other human beings.
    When mans faults have been located and discarded, then a human being will see and feel every-ones, pain, suffering, hunger and thirst as though these were there own.
    This will then allow Peace and Love to flow into the world.
    This human being would then be considered a “True Human Being”.
    “Peace be always with you.”

  8. It is impossible. To switch over 6 billion minds to such a fantastic state of mind. The human mind is quite often a terrible place. Everybody is so selfish and ignorant. It is too late to even try to bring true peace and love. Oh well.

  9. It only can be done one consciousness at a time…it is not for us to “convert” others…it is our sacred responsibility to “clean our own house” first. Gandhi’s statement says it all…we must observe our own failings as ego-beings immersed in “self”ishness even before we can begin to effect that very change in ourselves that we long to see in the world. Each of us is a microcosm of the Whole…thus, any part that is operating at “less than” levels of consciousness cripples or disables the proper functioning of All That Is. By taking responsibility right here, right now for ourself and our contribution to the obstruction of the harmonious flow of Source through us as us into the manifested world, we can free ourselves from the choking ego that misdirects and subverts this magnificent flow of energy from the Divine Eternal to its own self-serving use. In freeing ourselves we add to the healing and wholing of That which animates and drives us by re-merging consciously with All That Is, one ego at a time returning to Higher Consciousness, fulfilling its perfect portion in attunement/at”one”ment with Love and Light. As each “part” returns to health and realization of Higher Consciousness, soon more and more become infected with that Love that brings harmony. This cannot be forced, but must rise up naturally from the depths of being where it lies dormant awaiting reactivation, for it never was not. We must become our True Nature to function as we were intended…containers for the One to experience Itself in manifested form, flowing seamlessly and perfectly through us. Can this return to and alignment with Source be anything but Peace and Love and Life expressed perfectly? We all are one in the One, and ultimately all will consciously align with the Divine Eternal as willing co-operators with Its perfect movement into and out of manifestation. It is not a matter of “if;” rather, it is a matter of “when.” Choose now to become consciously what you already are…divine, eternal, infinite expressions of the One.
    i am Sirius


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