How can one use psychic powers for mischievous or evil use?

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Even use astrology for not so nice purposes. I’d like to start right away. Maybe give false readings. How can anyone tell a person is not lying?
I want learn how to mess up other people as much as possible. If I do the same things that others do for good, but do it for evil instead will that work. Tell me what works!
Ah, been found out. Really wanted to see if believers think “bad” people can do real harm with psychic “power”. Can they?

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intuition. we all have a little!

Miss Zoe

the first rule is to do no harm.
False readings are cruel and unnecessary.
When you do evil it comes back on you many times multiplied. If you do this you will regret it your whole life. Possibly in prison or in the anguished mental derangement of your own mind- Which ever you fear more.
How can I tell when a person is not lying. My sense of smell does not detect that the person is deceiving me so they are likely being truth-full. I do not feel like vomiting so most likely they mean me no harm. I am not sprouting hair and boils in odd places so likely they have no strong and well developed ability to do true EVIL.
Is that enough or shall I write a book and you can buy it a and I make a fortune from your foolishness?


People can tell if you’re not lying if you give them accurate and precise information about their past and present before delving into the future. For information on how to con people or avoid being conned, read “The Full Facts Book Of Cold Reading” by Ian Rowland. Also, if you’re really psychic, you can use powers for mischievous or evil use my moving objects that you know people are about to use.


You’ve asked similar questions same as this one. No, you should not use psychic powers for evil.
What I don’t understand is why you are always asking something this illogical and mean, and then tell people that they should listen to the skeptics on this section because they know more about physics.
I remember when you told us that we should be using research tests with placebos and double blind tests, and that we should think scientifically. What’s wrong with this picture?;_ylt=AuwUF.fLkkRCY0b1kdCHhCvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081002131247AAIHwrJ&show=7#profile-info-ZUEocleNaa


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Have you ever been to see a psychic/medium/etc?

If so, what was it like? How accurate were they?

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