Home Discussion Forum how can one tell a fraud medium or psychic?

how can one tell a fraud medium or psychic?

Why do ghost hunters use the same jargon,and why are hauntings and seances always at night,and the theme tune always is hard cash?


  1. Ask them a question they should be able to answer if they really had that power. Something with a specific answer that they couldn’t look up somewhere. For instance, a friend of mine died a few years ago. I’ve asked a few people who claim psychic powers what the last album we listened to together was. Specific enough so that guessing wouldn’t work well, and something my friend would easily be able to tell them if she was hanging around – and if that were an option, she’d be the type to do it.

  2. Spirits have agendas when they come through. They may not answer your question that you may have, will definitely give you a validation, about something you did or said, after they passed, just to validate it is them.
    When you see a medium, or any psychic, go with a poker face. Try not to answer or react to anything they may say. If they say, they are receiving a message they do not understand, have them tell you what exactly it is they are seeing. If you know the meaning, just answer, yes, I know what it means. If they ask you, does this make sense, just answer yes or no. Do not give any details. Do keep in mind, that, you may not get the meaning of something till after your sitting with a medium.
    As far as jargon, ghost hunters are just that. They go for the thrill of hoping to capture a spirit, evp, pictures etc.
    People have the strange notion, spirits only come out at night. That is a false notion. They are around us anytime day or night.
    The same jargon? My humble opinion is, they do not have enough understanding of the spirit realm and or will stick to the superstitious ways.
    Do spirits need our energy to exist? No! I believe they scatter the atoms and particles around us, that causes the coldness and draining of batteries.
    As far as cash. Well, can’t answer that.
    Psychic abilities are just that, abilities. They aren’t powers, they are one of our senses. Some people can have the ability of a singer, a artist. The 6th Sense is another ability.

  3. What you se on TV is not necessarily the correct information. Paranormal investigators don’t always know what’s correct either (same as Frauds). Reputable mediums will contact a spirit in a peaceful area where it is sunny or just bright and make the person feel at home an dhappy. Fear is a tactic TV and movies use to reel in viewers.
    Reputable mediums are allowed to charge-it’s their time and energy being used after all. Nothing in this life is free an dthey need to pay for their bills too-It’s when you see people charging outrageous amounts that you know withouta doubt it isn’t right-and especially if their readings are not accurate you can be sure it’s all fake.
    A Medium who is confident and accurate will only charge what she/he needs to make do and will continuously offer free readings and guidance to people in their spare time.

  4. I’m an intuitive and I can tell you that the ones that tell you about past lives are full of shit. When we pass we return to become the very energy that created us, yet have our own spiritual identity as well.

  5. There’s no open rules, but you’ll note that people coming to a fraud or psychic are seeking answers, so ever keen to believe. You should note if the medium or psychic is just playing on open information.
    There’s a great little book called The Hidden Whisper by a guy called JJ Lumsden that is the clearest explanation i’ve read of this.


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