Home Discussion Forum how can one see body auras with colors?

how can one see body auras with colors?

I can see a white glow around people, their auras. But how can i advance to actually seeing their colors too?


  1. Just relax and practice. Also, don’t look at the white bit directly but try and focus a bit further out. It took me years to see the colours and even now I usually only see in pastel shades.

  2. once you can see the white haze … and know that it isnt just an illusion caused my focusing too hard ( if the body moves , the aura should move with it )
    then just take your focus out slightly from the white and you should begin to see another layer with a little colour in it
    eventually with practise this should get a little clearer
    and you can then take your focus out just a fraction more to see more colour in the different auric layers

  3. Practice…white glow is how it usually begins. In time, you may find you see or have impressions regarding color. It does help to have an idea of what the colors mean.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  4. you can meditate to increase awareness, this is an internal meditation where you feel your own aura layer by layer, this increases you sensitivity to others.
    everyone feels aura to a certain degree so you can also employ your 3rd eye. close your eyes and think of someone, then using colour pencils draw the colours around and outline, to test accuracy check out the aura colour meanings here


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