Home Discussion Forum How can one get in touch with the spirit of trees. ?

How can one get in touch with the spirit of trees. ?

The shamans and Natives spoke of this. How can I myself also connect with the spirit and energy of a tree?


  1. Don’t know but you might be interested to know the Bible says, the trees will clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12. (You might like to read the whole chapter to get the whole picture.)

  2. it’s quite true that all plants produce a form of energy that would be considered psychic to some. they’re able to communicate over a very large area ranging in hundreds and hundreds of miles. i to have often wondered about these trees that provide all that cool shade from the harsh scorching heat of the sun. their amazing they give us a beautiful artistic umbrella and clean breathable oxygen in abundance too.
    if there is a kinda spirit it most certainly would be in the root of the tree for that is directly connected to the earth presenting a good ground were all psychic energy can be easily drained off. on the other hand perhaps the root is a form of antenna, where they transmit a kind of highly advanced digital microwave burst transmission from one species to another. if only we could learn their language, what marvelous secrets they could tell us all about the true nature of our own planet…

  3. That’s not my specialty… I’d recommend that you
    ask a Shaman or a Druid about it.
    Go to the Witches’ Voice website and use the
    search function to locate one, who can give you
    some free advice. With a little luck you may find
    one in your area and actually get to meet them.


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