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How can one experience the oneness that many religions, philosophy's and spiritual teachings speak of………

even if you empty your mind of yourself, the ego so as to leave only pure consciousness, you would still be experiencing consciousness, being conscious of something. If you where to experience oneness, where all individuality, all distinctions and feelings of being separate were to disappear, how would one know of it if everything becomes one?
There would not be any experiencing being experienced, right????
everything would merge into one big soup.
one should not even be able to remember anything, it would be like dying?????
sorry english is not my mother tounge.


  1. Your concern is an ego concern, and it doesn’t want to die. Thoughts of survival, when you are surviving already, is an illusory projection out of the reality of the present into the future, but the future doesn’t exist and will never exist, because there is only the present. It comes down to either being dominated by the mind or you, the conscious now, dominating your mind. It’s not that your mind and it’s thoughts would disappear if you were just conscious of the reality of the present. Your ego and your mind would become just another small object that exist within the present, no more and no less. Your mind would still be able to cognite on everyone and everything, but gone would be all your worries and misery of identifying with the ego,

  2. to me, one can experience oneness, a communion, a unity, but this doesnt mean totally being absorbed into the other, or a total meshing of the two
    so you can experience oneness with something or someone yet still retain yourself, so you do know /recognize the experience
    you dont empty your mind, you take your mind and blend part of it with the thing that is outside of yourself, it is not that all feelings of separateness disappear, but that some feelings of unity arise

  3. Yes. Everything is already one but we have no direct way of experiencing that unitary movement. Experience is the process of separation through the use of thought/naming/recognizing. If experience is gone then you have no way of separating and identifying the imagined difference between ‘I’ and ‘I am’. If only ‘I’ is left then there is no ‘you’ or ‘me’ or ‘not me’ and also no experience. It would be the end of ‘you’ as you are saying and memory would not exist as memory is a function of experience.

  4. Don’t apologize for your question about this. Many philosophers have expressed puzzlement about what “oneness” means, and some (especially the materialists) have dismissed it as mystical crap.
    Consider Reality. There is nothing that is outside of Reality – Death is part of Reality, and impossible things (like the square root of -1) are at least subjects of discussion, existing in language. Non-reality also has meaning – for existence, there is supposedly nothing in a vacuum, but a vacuum is real.
    Therefore, Reality is the All, and the All, although constituted of a nearly infinite number of parts, has a unity of its own – the universe. The Whole is thus the One.
    When you make love with someone you are madly in love with, and who is madly in love with you, often the boundaries break down and the two people sort of meld together, becoming one. This is not romantic wishful thinking, but a real experience attainable to many. I can’t say that all people can experience oneness through sex, because for too many sex is about dominance rather than about higher concsiousnes.
    Understanding Oneness is somewhat easier through poetry than it is through logic. I offer this original poem for you:
    The Holyday
    Gawaine Caldwater Ross
    Through the rays of holy light
    I ambled in the forest green,
    Filtering through the morning mist
    The sound of distant water falling.
    Deer leapt off across the ferns,
    Cedar trees some ten feet thick
    Lay across steep wet ravines.
    I was treading on the sacred ground
    Of Eartha and her swelling mounds:
    Oh She was fully sexed that day.
    In my mind I walked with Embla
    The very first woman, born of an elm,
    And I was Ask, the mighty ash
    Thick and tall and proud and strong.
    We stepped across the Rainbow Bridge
    And found a soft place in the grass
    For rooting in the summer sun.
    She was human, and yet more,
    Someone to love, and to adore.
    No open space beneath a dome
    Of church or mosque or synagogue
    Can ever claim to be as pure
    As the mountain sky so high and blue
    We inhaled as we drifted through
    The heartscape of our lives inweaving.

  5. Experience means consciousness of something.
    “Experience the oneness.”. is incomplete assertion.It presupposes the existence of more than one.
    So, the correct asertion would be ‘experience of oneness with…’ Examaple: oneness with God. oneness with Brahman ,
    Experience of oneness is possible in two ways–
    1.Neti..Neti. not this not this..Negation of what ‘ I’ am not leads to experience what ‘I am.’ But this is not experience ‘of ‘
    something ,it is ‘expirience’ itself.
    2.Try to experience through Yoga practice .
    In both the ways, you can experience your inner self .All other things will remain as they are they will not merge into anything
    ,only your relation with them for you will be changed.

  6. The “one” is simply you. You never expereice ‘you’. You experience the thought of you! You have been programmed/conditioned into an individual and have totally identified with that individual. “I” believe this, “I” don’t like that, “I” am smart/dumb, good/bad, handsome/ugly, etc.
    The natural, unencumbered, you is never given air…the light of day…so to speak. It is buried in memories and ‘karmic; conditioning.
    The only way ‘back’ home to the ‘natural self/you’ is to live closely to your own intimacy…touch, taste, feel, seeing life, simply. Thoughts will drag you into a complex world of past and future, but ignore their tantalizing call. Keep close you your own naturalness and you will recognize that mind/suffering will lift and life is sweet.
    I think of this as being an wise infant…born anew, but operating in the objectified world. =)

  7. Watching the watcher
    questioning one’s reaction
    looking for the cause.
    Finding out one knows nothing
    one can set aside the mind.

  8. Interesting question, good answers.
    What stands in the way to ‘oneness’? Concepts of all kind: Philosophical, religious, materialistic, etc., ones self image, wishes, needs, goals, identification with properties of all kind, included ones thoughts, feelings, body, holding on ones memories and experiences, etc. etc.
    What could be the way to ‘oneness’? There is no specific way, the way is oneness.
    Clean your dishes, water the plants…
    That’s right, a poem can say it better:
    L e t t i n g B e . . .
    Is it all about letting go – or is it all about finding?
    Letting go of what one is NOT – finding of that one IS?
    Who is letting go of what one is not – or not anymore?
    Is it letting go of oneself – the one who wants to let go?
    Sit down at the cross road and leave all words behind
    before you ask yourself where to go from now on.
    Finding the one who doesn’t need to let go or to find
    might do the switch from looking and meaningful doing
    walking beyond wordy questions and final answers.
    Filling the space of silence with moon light’s silver mist
    How can you be without me? How can I be without you?
    Traveled from so far away – arriving near to ourselves…


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