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How can one detect mind control?

How can one detect, and deflect, mind control?
How can one tell the difference between propaganda and logically valid arguments?
How can one examine their thought processes in every way?
Is it desirable to resist all persuasion and manipulation?
Mind contol; Strong virtually undetectable forms of manipulation found in every aspect of life.
I would call people lining up around the block to spend their money on an iphone, mind control at play.
Nothing magic or spooky, the human brain works a certain way; and we humans are good at circumventing reason.


  1. Mind control is just paranoia developed by the masses. It’s not real, humans just don’t have the technology to do it.

  2. Mind control is not possible if the suggestions being made fall outside the persons moral comfort zone.
    Propaganda is a form of advertising intended to solicit a gut lever emotional reponce not a intelligent one. If a person or a media is using emotionally draining imagery or language it is not trying to be logical or valid its going for your moral and emotional compass.
    It is desirable to go into any situation with both eyes open and be aware of all the variables being presented for your consideration.

  3. There are documented cases of what you are suffering from. You are being subjected to mind control in the form of beta rays being shot into your brain from outer space to make you think and do certain things. To deflect these rays, I recommend the standard three layer tin deflectionary device, which convienently you can make yourself. Go into your mom’s lazy susan and get the reynolds brand tin-foil. Tear off three sheets, all the same size, roughly 24 x 18. Using black permanent marker, trace a circuar tupperware container roughly six inches in diameter as close to the center of the tin-foil as possible. Line the circle up with the top of your head and place the sheets on top of your head, as center as possible. Work the foil around your head/hairline as close as possible. Find yourself an athletic head band to further secure your helmet, rubber bands work equally as well. Make sure your earholes are covered also, because the most effective method of shooting mind controlling rays into your head is through that hole. If your familiar with rec-specs, get a pair of them also – tinted.

  4. Mind control is allowing oneself be open to the other person. To whatever they are telling you. Not denying not nor doubting that mind control works.
    Propaganda and Valid Arguments… Propaganda is a salesperson, someone wants something from you. I figure a valid argument you can learn and just argue a point.
    A thought process in every way is easy, you just keep examining all your resources until you have exhausted all your resources of thought.
    Depends on the person, I don’t personally like to be persuaded not manipulated. I like to be in control of all my situations. So I guess this depends on the person.
    Just my opinion.

  5. You can structure and strengthen normal cerebral skills involving linguistic, debatable, and deciphering abilities. You don’t need to believe in this mind control b.s.

  6. Well, if you hear the words, “you’re getting sleepy,” that’s a little clue.
    If you built a general-purpose BS detector that worked, everybody would want one, and the lines to get one would make the iPhone look like a chump. (Would that mean those people’s minds are being controlled? Hmm….)

  7. Until you’ve studied how the mind works, one is subject to being influenced far beyond their realization.
    A couple examples of areas of great influence are religion, advertising, beliefs about health care/disease, insurance, financial independence, relationships, just to name a few.
    If you doubt any of this, consider the effect refered to as the placebo effect when doing drug testing. It should seem obvious how vulnerable an uneducated/unaware mind can be.

  8. It sounds as if you’ve got the understanding to beat mind control. The only way to really tell is if you’re values are changing from the idiosyncratic to the common. In school and other places you’ll hear the same philosophies being spouted over and over with virtually no difference. When ever you hear a person promulgate something entirely different from the common philosophy of it’s corresponding group, then you’ve met an independent mind
    For example: Liberals have generally all the same philosophy and give the same reasons. Conservatives as well. With all the known groups there is the common way of thinking with no departure from it’s common points. Whenever you find yourself amid a political group or national way of thinking without personal idiosyncratic beliefs, it might be time to check yourself, but it sounds like you’re aware of propaganda. It’s always a touchy subject since those who are snowed the most are aware of it the least. Time and astonishment will have it’s field day.


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