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How can my sister tell her boyfriend that wicca wasn't an improvised religion?

nicole has been wiccan for five years, and she is dating an atheist! He claims that wicca is an improvised religion, when he hasn’t even put any study into our ways of life.


  1. Why does she feel the need to explain herself ? I don’t try to explain my way of life to anyone … no need to justify my beliefs because they are MY beliefs … So your sister shouldn’t feel the need to justify HER beliefs, they are hers …
    And for this I get thumbs down … I see the kids are online

  2. If it makes him happy to think that, let him.
    It isn’t true, but it doesn’t hurt us for him to think it.

  3. Wicca is the oldest religion known to the West that is still extant… all religions started through improvisation…much like any other human construct..

  4. If he’s an atheist, then what religion would he consider as genuine? I’m atheistic. All religions are either equally genuine or equally improvised. That Gardner pulled together elements of preChristian celtic traditions, and added a bit of this and bit of that, in order to reflect his beliefs and to provide a nucleus around which a religious and ritual community could coalesce doesn’t take away from what it provides to its adherents. Paul took bits of this and that and smooshed it all together around stories of a Jewish Martyr and it became Christianity. Joe Smith took bits of this and a dash of that, including some fun Egyptian influences, and made Mormonism. So what?

  5. Wicca in its current form is less than sixty years old, made of a combination of British mythology and folklore with a good dash of Eastern mysticism and a dollop of nudism and light b/d for flavor. Since its beginning, it’s been tinkered with, modified, added to, subtracted from, and blended with virtually every pagan faith that’s ever existed. I don’t see how you can claim it’s not improvised – unless your sister is one of the “Wicca is an ancient faith that is a true survival of the pagan faith in Europe and really descends from Atlantis!” types, in which case she has to put some study into her own way of life.
    But this doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid religious choice. At one time, Christianity and Islam were both only sixty years old. Every faith on the planet was improvised at some point.


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