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How can my rose quartz stone help me find True love?


  1. This method is called Programing. It is imprinting the energy you want into the crystal.
    1. Hold the crystal in both hands and gaze into it.
    2. Start breathing with slow, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling forcefully through your mouth.
    3. Concentrate on what you want to program into the crystal.
    4. As you inhale see a visual image of what you want; imagine how it feels to have it; and repeat an affirmation to yourself.
    5. With each exhale send your desire into the crystal.

  2. go out and find a potential mate, then club her over the head with your stone and drag her back to your cave and they all lived happily ever after, the end.

  3. You could do it the natural way. You COULD try and become self sufficient and try not to depend on juvenile fantasies. Maybe if you took the responsibility upon yourself and became a self actualized human you could make things happen for yourself? I might be crazy, but for some reason I don’t think anyone needs to depend on some obviously ridiculous ritual as a bandage over your feelings of inadequacy. Help yourself find true love; don’t scape goat some dumb rock.


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