How can my girlfriend stop seeing spirits and auras?





My girlfriend has suffered ever since she was a little girl from seeing auras and spirits and now she is 20 and cannot handle it anymore. Everywhere she goes she sees swirling colors around people and although it can be cool to read them and discover things about them, often it can be very annoying and lately it has become dangerous. At first she was just seeing auras of the living, but now she is seing actual spirits of the dead. I’ve always been facinated with that stuff although I never truely belived it existed until creepy things started to happen. Yeah even I’ll admit all this sounds nuts and you’re gonna think we should probably see a doctor but this isn’t something we are imagining. This is real. What can I do for her to lessen her sensetivity to this stuff? I will do prayers and blessing as both of us are Catholic but we will not to witchcraft or any kind of dark magic, rituals or crap so don’t suggest that. Thanks for your help.


  1. To start off, she has her third eye open. Your third eye is a way for a person to see both the spiritual world and the physical world. It?s difficult to close your third eye, but it?s possible. I suggest she prays and asks god to make it go away. I know this works because I have a step mom who experienced the same thing. Remember, this only works if all of her wants it to go away. This is the best advice I?ve got. Try contacting a physic for better information.

  2. Errr tell her to keep it to her self and never go never a witch
    i can do the same
    i got cursed for not joining a coven
    witchcaft is of the devil stay away from it
    or she will be a mahr of satan

  3. Im a Christian…what she is seeing isnt of God. God has no reason to give you the gift. The bible tells you to seek Jesus for answers not a person…she may have a bloodline demonic enity or could be simple oppression.
    I suggest you seek a Paster ….prefferably none Catholic as Catholicism has white magick rituals. Which the bible clearly tells you to avoid.
    Look for a Baptist paster or i could send you a few emails with prayers. I am not a religious finatic i simply trust my God and believe. That simple.

  4. it is so nice that you have such love for your friend i think you also have have had experiences yourself ???? something i use for myself is imagine yourself in your own space its beautiful but has such strong sercurity around it no one or nothing can get in unless you give them the key ,and you also have the right to ask them to leave .stand in your own space … be strong and loving to all what is and yourself.xx

  5. wow the wierd thing is that your girlfriend is the same type of psychic as i am she is an empath go to wikipedia and type empath in you might be a bit surprised but it might not cover every aspect of it. I am an Empath and i can see the auras of people and read them just like your girlfriend. See i know its become annoying and dangerous but dont try to stop that psychic power of hers but i think i know of a way to lessen her sensitivity to it but not banish her power completely. She should ignore those colors and pray for safety and control of her power. Take care of her and take her mind off of that but if she talks about it go along with it but dont get mad just let it be heard and that should start to calm her empathy down.

  6. I too am a medium and disagree with the other poster who said God is shaking his head and we cant stop this …
    yes we can
    we should not have to do anything that we dont want to
    the techniques to stop it are so simple , you would be amazed
    but it just requires some simple visualisations
    many people use a door , or a sleeping bag … seeing it in their head and closing it or zipping it up
    this makes it known that you no longer wish to recieve this and also , it can be opened again any time you wish
    so may get her to do this over a week or so each night
    I use the door personally , just closing it over with the intent of closing myself off to recieving … after a while you dont need to do the visualisation , you just know when you are opened or closed
    let me know how it goes … and good luck xx
    what I know is that it works … has worked for me and for many others
    so doesnt matter how long anyone is doing this , if they havent tried it they wouldnt know
    and was trained by a medium in the buisness for roughly 40 years who has written classes for the SNU

  7. First of all are they good spirits or bad spirits. if good, god is trying to teach her something she needs to learn she just needs to listen, if bad then Satan is trying to get her not to believe in god just stay faithful and truthful and always remember choose the right.

  8. Breathe count to 20 now open your mind. I am a clairvoyant and medium and your gf is a sensitive. I believe in a God. I am not into witchcraft or dark magic or ritual or as you call it crap. Your girlfriend can help others. Its a GOD given GIFT to think Less trust me God himself is shaking his head and saying she isnt listening. I have blessed her and she thinks its a curse. You cannot just stop seeing. Tell her to read about it. Nothing to be afraid of. Your problem is you are concentrating so much on it you are attracting more spirits. Its like they are all saying. Ok guys lets all go see…..she wants to see us. Relax you arent going crazy. Its not a curse. Its a blessing. Trust me.

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