Home Discussion Forum how can my brain tells me stuff i never knew before?

how can my brain tells me stuff i never knew before?

Usually while im really high, i have like epiphany’s and think of deep stuff,
for example
i think i am just using the sense from my pineal gland more when i smoke, so think of things without actually seeing them, just imagining them. i know the pineal gland is in the center of the brain, therefore it is located in the center of a “spherical shell” of electric charge. This would mean the net electromagnetic force on the pineal gland will be zero, leaving the only other significant force to effect it, being gravity.
hence why consciousness cycles follow the moons so much without realizing it half the time. (maybe why astrology works too)
is this stuff known already by me or have i misinterpreted something, or am i just creating stuff up?
if the pineal gland is linked to the subconscious, and the moon effects the pineal, then the moon is making me create stuff up? also is everything i “create” in my head based on any sort of logic, because people make out its not (because im high..)?
how does peoples creative thinking vary with altitude?
also, how can someone have unique conversations with imaginary friend’s enabling them to learn? because some people can do this?
iv been baked almost half my life


  1. don’t feel bad dude, when i was 16 and too high to comprehend, i once came up with a theory on why yawns are so contageous. and i expressed this theory to several friends of mine who said it made total and complete sense! however, none of us wrote it down, i actually forgot to before i fell asleep that night and when i woke up the next morning i couldnt remember it for the life of me, and neither could anybody else. we remembered the conversation and topic, but couldn’t remember the details. I’m now 25, i’ve definately quit smoking the herbage, and to this very day i still cannot remember the mind-blowing theory that probably could have solved that mystery.

  2. The pineal gland is responsible for circadian rhythms (waking and sleeping patterns) and the production of melatonin ( related to serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter, also related to tryptophan a chemical that makes us sleepy).
    The Moon of course with its gravity is responsible also for some of waking and sleeping patterns which may be why you are relating the two.
    An interesting side note for you – the pineal gland used to be called “The Third Eye”.
    So I am sorry but your epiphanies this time are a bit off.
    It is fun to suppose things when you are high though, isn’t it?
    One of my favorite words ever is “Epiphany”.
    Have fun and eat some pizza for me. I am on a diet.
    Oh another aside, when I was a child I had two imaginary friends. Tell yours I said Hi!

  3. Your question reminds me of the paranormal for some reason. Regarding the “Third Eye”, inner, or as we now call, the pineal gland, this site might be of use to you. To be specific, I usually check out the OBE and projection/phasing boards. I have to admit, I used to be an atheist, but I think I’m now agnostic…leaning towards atheism. Sorry to go off topic, here is the site:
    This question was quite deep.


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