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How can meditation help a person?

Ok firstly, what is meditation…? how does it help, And secondly, how can one learn meditation?
any tips and advice id greatly appreciated


  1. Krishna said in sri.Bhagavad Geetha Chapter-6(all verses are NOT hereunder-but only the relevant ones:
    (Who is a Karma Yogi?)–Questions sri Krishna did NOT ask-He gave Only answers-given within” xx”:-
    “O Arjuna, know that to be in Karma-yoga
    Which they call Samnyasa(Ascetic).
    No one becomes a Karma-yogi
    Who has not renounced
    The selfish motive behind an action.
    “A person is said to have attained yogic perfection
    When there is no desire for sensual pleasures,
    Or attachment to the fruits of work,
    And has renounced all personal selfish motives.”
    “The mind is the friend
    Of those who have control over it,
    And the mind acts like an enemy
    For those who do not control it.”
    “One who has control over the mind
    Is tranquil in heat and cold,
    In pleasure and pain, and in honor and dishonor;
    And is ever steadfast with the Supreme Self.”(“Brahmam”–other religious people may take it as G-O-D=GOD)
    “A yogi is called Self-realized
    Who is satisfied with knowledge
    And understanding of the Self,
    Who is equanimous(STITHA PRAGJNA), who has control over the senses, And to whom a cold/hot stone/gold are the same.”
    “A person is considered superior
    Who is impartial towards companions,
    Friends, enemies, Neutrals, arbiters,
    Haters, relatives, saints, and sinners.”
    (This sri.Krishna did NOT say)–Meditation helps a Yogi to attain the qualities listed above–How Meditation is done?-Sri.Krishna Himself says:-
    “Let the yogi seated in solitude and alone
    Having mind and senses under control
    And free from desires and attachments for possessions,
    Try constantly to contemplate on the Supreme Self.”= (Brahmam)
    “The yogi should sit on a firm seat
    That is neither too high nor too low,
    Covered with sacred Kusha grass and a cloth,
    One over the other, in a clean spot.”
    “Sitting and concentrating the mind
    On a single object,Controlling the thoughts
    And the activities of the senses,
    Let the yogi practice meditation for self-purification.”
    “Hold the waist, spine, chest, neck, and head erect,
    Motionless and steady, fix the eyes and the mind
    Steadily between the eye brows,(“Bru Madye”)
    and do not look around.
    (this is NOT sri.Krishna’s verse>>”Bru Madye”-the Aagjna Chakram=the control centre of Psyche is supposed to be there)
    “With serene and fearless mind;
    Practicing celibacy; having the mind under control
    And thinking of Me; let the yogi sit
    And have Me as the supreme goal.”
    –Here by “Me”(Aham)-Hindus take sri.Krishna-other religious people can take the “Supreme being”=their GOD”
    Thus, by always keeping the mind fixed on the Self,=(Brahmam)
    The yogi whose mind is subdued, attains peace
    Of the Supreme nirvana by uniting with Me(God)”.
    “This yoga(Dhyana=Meditation) is not possible, O Arjuna,
    For the one who eats too much,
    or who does not eat at all;Who sleeps too much,
    Or who keeps awake,all time” .
    “But, for the one who is moderate
    In eating, recreation, working,
    sleeping, and waking,
    This yoga(Dhyana=Meditation) destroys sorrow.”
    “A person is said to have achieved yoga,
    The union with the Self,(Brahmam–other religious people can take it as GOD)–
    When the perfectly disciplined mind-
    Gets freedom from all desires,
    And becomes absorbed in the Self(Brahmam)alone.”
    Sri.Krishna goes on to tell the advantages of Dhyana(Meditation) in rest of the verses of the 6 th chapter,Bhagavad Geetha.
    sri.Bhagavad Geetha is a very “Authentic” Religious text.One can go through the “Original verses” and read commentaries(Gloss=Bhaashyam) of Erudite Scholars like Acharya sri.SANKARA(for more information on Dhyana=Meditation) and the advice can be taken-instead of listening to some Tom,Dick and Harry.


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