Home Discussion Forum How can man expand his consciousness to understand the infinite?

How can man expand his consciousness to understand the infinite?


  1. If a man could understand the infinite, he would cease to exist as a man. Human nature is such that we’re curious, we want to know everything. And yet, if we ever do, we won’t have anything to wonder about, anything to ponder, or anything to live for.

  2. I tried many times and it takes me to the state of crazyness. Imposible to expand and understand since we dont know who we are, what we are, where are we, are we alone, how far is the “final frontier”….

  3. Consciousness IS Infinite.
    It is the brain/body that is limited.
    The Infinite is not something to be Understood by Body/Mind for then it would not be Infinite.
    Infinity “Just Is”, and no mortal vessel can Hold It.
    Yet the Life that these Vessels Hold, is apart of that Infinity.
    So shall it return once the Vessel is done and broken.
    Zo – http://zo.zaadz.com

  4. What a question, that`s really the one isn`t it. on occasion I like to drive way out into the country at night a clear night, and lay out on the grass for a couple of hours and just look up and try open my mind. it doesn`t answer any questions but it is cool and I feel a lot better afterward.

  5. Do retrogressive therapy under hipnotism and understand who you were before birth.2 Keep a dream log book.Gain insights from dreams.

  6. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to understand the infinite. Not truly understand. The concept of eternity, or infinity is not understandable. Personally, I’m kinda glad it’s like that. The attempt to understand infinity is part of what makes it remarkable to be human. Exploration, and the quest/curiousity for knowledge is part of what drives us to improve ourselves.

  7. This question and many others like it fail as questions simplely because they fail Aristotles basic laws of logic. First your assuming that man is infinate in comprehension, and that is false. A higher Power would and prabably is infinate and is the only entity that has the capacity to understand the infinate. Man is finate and therefor incapable of understanding the infinate. That is also a simple explanation as to why man cannot understand a higher power or even discover its existance ? A very simple example of this answer is to examine how a person with a lower IQ is not capable of understanding someone with a higher IQ ! Simply put, you can’t understand something more complicated than yourself – that would suggest you are capable of a greater degree of comprehension than you are phycasically capable of. That would be called granduer ?
    I guess ? giggles !

  8. Hi Danica,
    A very good question. Not many ask such intriguing questions.
    It is remarkable to know that the search for truth is still on in this world.
    Well one does not “expand”. For no matter with all the power (and proably resources) you can only expand to something that is limited ! The infinite is unlimited !! So no matter how much you expand less or more you do not expand enough to understand the infinite.
    Well where there is infinite and there is a realization of infinite, the expansion and contraction, rising to higher plane and coming down have no meaning. To understand the Infinite is to realize it.
    Noone can expand enough to understand the Infinite.
    But with proper method of living, certain way of life, preserving virtues and following the right processes (Not avaliable easily since most of those are fakes …. a caveat) one can realize and understand the Infinite.
    All questions cease. The reality reveals itself then to the one.
    All attempts to “expand” are in my opinion chasing the goal in wrong or opposite direction.
    What does one want to achieve by “expanding” ?
    Rich want to become richer.
    Powerful want more power.
    Seeker of pleasures wants more pleasures.
    Once one realizes or understands the Infinite,
    all cravings cease. One gets to lead the “true way of life”,
    full of virtues, principles, humbleness, kindness etc.
    The infinite bestows upon the one “the true wealth” – the good qualities and noble virtues. The infinite will then never let the one be left alone, ever !!!
    If you have any queries then you can write to me at : friend20@usa.com
    All the best !!!

  9. There are no assumptions in the questions other than that the infinite can be comprehended. Given our limited capacities as individuals, and even in our combined understanding as a group, we still only see parts of reality at a time. We can only look at and attend to everything in minuscule parts, of which each part we tend to feel as a significant whole even when they are not. We feel like we can understand the infinite, yet we are looking at it and understanding it with a view similar what we get by looking at things through a soda straw.
    I think an earlier answerer mentioned this with respect to our lives, which is a painfully interesting point. We are presented and conscious of the presence of an infinite amount of time, of which is the denominator to our avg of 76 years of life. First year calculus drills into your head that 76/infinity = nothing. Yet, each of our meager existences is hugely significant to us. Such is only one of our infinite dilemmas.
    Good question and good answers all.


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