How can l get better at my empathy and telepathy?

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Just found out that l have a great deal of empathy and basic telepathy, how can l get better at both
Empathy is having a strong sense of feeling what a person is feeling.

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Rokkit Cavalry

I’ve heard from some weirdo from a certain place i can’t remember the name of discussing with me whether empathy was a requirement for telepathy.
If that’s the case, maybe Empathy isn’t such a good idea.
edit; from my own understanding based on what i have learned of it, Empathy is the experienced-based social ability that allows an individual to essentially walk in people’s shoes for them, should they let you.
It’s a thin line between Empathy and blatant Manipulation though, they both come off as the same thing if people are cynical enough.

Joe D

what’s empathy?


Practice by talking to animals.

hai skai

To achieve good empathy you’d have to be able to empathize better for people right? Well.. that means understanding what they go through.. and to an extent, experiencing similar experiences to the ones of those people. Because that’s how you empathize, by understanding whatever it is just as well as the person that’s going through whatever they’re going through. So I guess.. go through some experiences? Ha ha I’m not really sure how to answer your question. Just learn to put yourself in someones shoes in a very successful way, and learn to understand things as best you can. Then, I suppose you’ll learn to empathize better, thus hopefully broadening your ‘telepathy’ skills also. Good luck.


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