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How can Kabbala be used to practice witchcraft? Is Kabbala the practice of withcraft?

(I am not interested in Kabbala I was simply looking it up)
I was just looking up Kabbala out of interest and found that people were saying that can be used to practice witchcraft.
Is that true?
If so, then how?


  1. People who are saying that know nothing about Kabbala or witchcraft and probably label everything outside their own religious doctrine as witchcraft. Christians in particular have been doing that since the dark ages.

  2. Not witchcraft with true Kabbalah, which is the deepest spiritual meanings of the Torah. These meanings of the Torah were given by God on Mt, Sinai as well as the written text. This is what Moses was up there for “thirty days” learning. It doesnt take that long to write down ten commandments.
    There are different types of Kabbalah. Jewish is the original and is just the deepest meanings of the Torah.
    Then there is Cabbalah, which is basically Christian esotericism and came about during the Renaissance. This is ignorant of the deeper meanings of the Jewish Torah and invented its own meanings and practices that are more Christian based, and are also often pretty antisemetic.
    Then there is Qabbala, which is yet another type of mysticism and came from the followers of Rosicrucian and nineteenth-century Victorian esotericism. This branch also pretty much ignores the Jewish original and created its own meanings and practices.
    It is the later two that have been invented, interpreted and used for witchcraft type of activities – not always, but it has happened. Anyone can make up anything as far as meanings and practices in either of those systems and claim it is legitimate.
    Whereas in the original Jewish Kabbalah it is very, VERY strict and never deviates from the Torah and its meanings whatsoever. This type is never used for witchcraft.
    Lately there has been a phenomenon though, called the Kabbalah Centre. This is NOT legitimate Jewish Kabbalah even though those teaching there are a group of Jews. What they are teaching is not the same thing that Jewish Kabbalah has always been, but has been reinterpreted by the guy who runs these centers with his own meanings – and then he tries to sell people “holy kabbalah water” that supposedly cures cancer, etc. In other word, a ripoff. Stay away from this.
    So if you want to see some REAL Jewish Kabbalah on the internet, please see the following websites, a couple to get you started on your investigation:


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