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How can I work on my Precognition abilities behond using meditation and "games"?

I have always had a sense of “just knowing” what is going to happen (precognitive abilities) I have learned that there are ways to develop the ability so that you can become more accurate with your predictions and have the ability come more regularly than just here and there. Any suggestions?


  1. Ok, here is what I do:
    1. Think of a person, could be family or friend.
    2. Start meditating on them and the date of the next day.
    3. When you think you know what, if anything, is going to happen, write it down and put it some where you won’t lose it.
    4. Call that person and ask them how their day went the next day. See what you got right:)
    (This is my own personal exercise. If it doesn’t work for you I am sorry:)

  2. Things aren’t predetermined, things like the roll of a die cant be predicted. Precognition is based on subconscious observation. Work on looking for fine details thats the only real thing you can do for precognition.

  3. I’m with Krissy…I mean,
    Calling someone to ask about their day to know if your predictions are right is a LOT nicer than sincerely calling.

  4. First you must learn that by looking you are making a change… Many of the religions I have studied have this ability, but anything free is worthless!
    Write out what ability you will have, and when you will have it, and how you are going to get this ability. What Man can conceive and Believe He can Achieve! Give yourself permission to complete these goals, telling your subconscious to prove in every way this can be done. When you have this all written out, print it up, and read it 3 times before bed every day till you have achieved the first goal… then re-write the list by making adjustments in time or goals based on not only results, but what you have proved to yourself you are willing to do to get this ability… Good Luck with that….

  5. Read a bit of Joseph McMoneagle – “Remote Viewing Secrets” perhaps. He was the top psychic for the military Stargate project so has oodles of authority in this area.


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