Home Discussion Forum how can I use Telepathy?

how can I use Telepathy?

No witchcraft please. Maybe just with meditation or something with technology?


  1. First u have to relax your mind and get all other thoughts out of ur head. Then you have to get in a mediative state. It takes a lot of concentration and time to do. Then you have to imagine your mind as a ball of energy and focus on it. Then you have to concentrate on the thing you want to focus your energy on. Focus your mind, as the ball of energy, and concentrate to complete ur task. The mind is much more powerful then we know and it can do amazing things.

  2. Bamma say he have it. Bamma say there problem. Bamma never know when it happen. Bamma no turn on like bulb. Bamma say he just hear psst psst. Bamma say huh. Bamma say voice tell Bamma x-wife at door. Bamma say he hide in closet for hours. Bamma say he have 12 pair of shoes. Bamma otta know.

  3. You must not dabble in any meditation or even telepathy. I understand what it is like to be curious about those things like that but it will open the door for demons or evil spirits to either destroy you, deceive you or hurt you big time. Take care and God bless!!!


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