Home Discussion Forum how can i use telepathy to seduce or attract woman?

how can i use telepathy to seduce or attract woman?

anybody know how to send and receive telepath?



  2. Sit in your room and really concentrate all the time on the objects of your desire.
    They will, no doubt, thank you profusely for being out of circulation.

  3. That is a sad sad thought, at least you’re not trying witchcraft or voodoo. You can’t yourself hurt yourself by thinking to hard which your not.
    Try forgetting about girls for awhile, take a class or volunteer. A little maturity goes a long way.

  4. You never know maybe, it’s possible, but what ever you do don’t stock her or anything, maybe if you become her friend first and if it’s meant to be she will like you back.always remember to be your self don’t put on a front because it might push her away.Don’t be shy either, you will never know if you never make the first step. that way you will know the truth if she likes you too, if not don’t worry there is someone for everyone out there,you just have to be patient and wait for the right one.

  5. Most peoples minds are busy and cluttered with a lot of inconsequential rubbish so that it is difficult to telepathically link to another unknown mind. However when there is a chemical attraction between two people a bridge seems to be forged between their minds and a form of telepathy can be achieved then.
    However until the above happens I would suggest you do a google search for web sites on body language. You could pick up some pointers on how to read a woman’s response to you as well as pointers on how to best present yourself. I would also suggest that you do a little research into star signs (astrology). It is corny but knowing a persons star sign can tell you some aspects of their personality up front which can enable you to have a more pleasant discusson or first date. It can also let you know which ladys you should really avoid! Know your own star sign and check which star signs you are recommended to be compatible with.
    When you have done all of the above and are on your first date….just chill out, relax and enjoy yourself. No use getting up tight about it. Life is just too short and there are so many women out there!!! Go to it young man!!!!

  6. dont try not only impossible but it isn’t meant to be used that way and if u r considering it you can’t use it anyway


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