Home Discussion Forum How can I use Telepathy to hurt people?

How can I use Telepathy to hurt people?

I’m just thinking how


  1. Once you have come to know how to use telepathy, the other part is not at all difficult. Your understanding of telepathy is doubtful I think.

  2. I am a natural telepath and it is a gift why would you wish to use it to hurt people what you give out will come back to you a thousand folds also a given gift used wrongly will be taken from one glad you don’t have this ability no no no imoral

  3. Probably if you have that ability. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility and it should not be abused.

  4. You can post a question about telepathy.
    Then 12-year-old nincompoops will post responses like “OMG I have telepathy too!”
    Then those of us who know better will make fun of them and mock them mercilessly for their stupidity.
    This will hurt them, emotionally.
    That is the only way to use telepathy to hurt people.

  5. First you need to consider why you would want to inject more chaos into the process.
    Don’t you think that there is enough hurt in the world already?
    Perhaps you should rephrase your question and ask how you might use something to spread love?
    Love and blessings Don

  6. Ow Ow, stop. Thinking about Britney Spears again. Damn stop doing that. I hate it when people send me thoughts about Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse telepathetically.


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