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How can i use spiritual energy (in the world) 2 do things like levitate or send helpful energy to other people?

I want to know how to be able to use energy to do just random stuff. Like levitate and that kind of stuff.


  1. levitation is not able for our species to do in the age wait intil the new age of comming years as for your second answer meditate and focus your energy

  2. there are many ways of doing so i have practiced Wicca for many years now and it is all about sending positive energy out to others i reccomend you study it starting with the book “the inner temple of witchcraft” by christopher penscack a wiccan who has written an entire series devoted to newcomers of the craft remember that wicca is about your experiance with the deine there is no ALMIGHTY BOOK on how to follow it exept you follow a very simple rule “An ye no harm do what e will” wich just means never do anything with the intention to harm
    do not fall for the misconseption that we warship the devil and kill chickens and cows for blightful reasons
    if you try wicca and are not satisfied its not like you can return to christianity because if God is good he will forgive you 😉
    Joshua P.

  3. You can not and never will until you until you change you understanding of God. What you have to understand is that God is not here to make you special but God will answer prayer that is in step with the Holy Spirit. To God be All Honor and Glory!


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