How can I use Reiki to rid myself of negative energy?

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I am a Reiki II practioner and I am looking for any advice to channel m negative energy away from myself. What charkra and/or crystal would I use. Thankss!!!

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Dave Gould

OK, negative energy looks dark and clusters around blips or tears in the aura. These tears correspond one-to-one to bad feelings, doubts or other fixations.
If you remove the negative energy without removing the tears, the negative energy will come back.
EFT will permanently remove the tear (and the corresponding feeling/fixation). Combining it with Reiki makes it a lot faster. If you can accept that it is 100% natural for any particular tear to repair itself with Reiki, you don’t even need the EFT.
The fastest way to channel negative energy away is with running water eg putting your hand under a tap and channelling all the negative energy down the plughole. You don’t need Reiki energy to do this but it helps.

old cat lady

I just use my five Reiki precepts and the dry bathing ritual every day with personal self-healing and working with shelter animals,

Laura B

Hi there,
Also remember to surround yourself with white light when you are going into a place with negative energy. I often forgot to do that myself and wonder why I am so drained afterwards or feelign bad. I need to give myself reminders too.
Good luck!


Just do self healing every day. This is a good practice for all Reiki practitioners. It is the first thing the Reiki Master should teach in Reiki level 1 is self healing. If you take a few minutes to get grounded and sentered and just send the Reiki to yourself from head to toe, not only will htis help you to release negative energies but it will help keep your entire body, mind and spirit more healthy and balanced and make you a better channel for the energy when you are offering Reiki to others.
It is also a good idea to make friends with other Reiki practitioners or look for a reiki meetup group in your area so to trade healing with another practitioner on a regular basis. Self healing is important and good but to be able to just relax and receive is also necessary.
When I am busy working all the time, I receive a treatment at least once a month (although this is when I need it more) When I am on vacation and have the time, I try to receive at least once a week.
Everything in life is better when I take time for prayer, meditation, and healing. when I do this, I am a better healer, teacher and person and I do not feel so effected by negative energy.
I wish you well with this. I will send you some distance Reiki tonight with the intention of clearing negative energy from you and bringing you any other healing you may need.

David G

god… what nonsense…


this has the most free info I have seen


The Traditional Japanese Reiki has a clearing and cleansing technique before and after sessions so that your energy remains strong. Its called Kenkyoku Ho.
Talk to your Reiki Teacher she/he should be able to give you that information. I have been teaching since 1995 and that is part of all our classes as well as grounding, centering and balancing. my website is Where did you take your Reiki Classes??


Imagine yourself incased with thousands of little mirrors reflecting negativity

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