Home Discussion Forum How can I use magick to get into a university?

How can I use magick to get into a university?


  1. Sorry to break it to you, but magic doesn’t exist. Get your head out of the clouds, start studying and getting good grades, and maybe you’ll stand a chance.

  2. Go to the magick shop and buy a magickal pencil. Use that pencil on your SAT to get a high score and get into Yale or Harvard University.

  3. First, you’ve got to graduate from Hogwarts, then you have to complete Jedi training, after that you should be good to go!

  4. first of all, it is no substitute for grades, writing/study skills and the like.
    second of all, if you have to ask, you are probably just a dabbler. If so, stay with a basic ritual that is more about you focusing yourself/visualizing yourself where you want to be – not trying to influence the admissions dept. use whatever candles, incense, etc, you find to be appropriate – maybe with a symbol of the U you want, and school colors, featured prominently.

  5. When I last checked, except for the “Harry Potter” series books “magik” does not exist. Magic as it was thought of in the past was basically good sense … for example: one chewed willow leaves because they had salicylic acid, a precursor to Aspirin; spider webs when placed on a cut did not heal the cut, they allowed for the platelets to form clots, peppermint decreases stomach aches because it causes a chemical reaction decreasing the HCL acid in the stomach; so, see no magik.
    The only real magik one needs to get into college is good old fashioned hard work and dedication, there are no quick fixes.
    Good Luck …


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