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How can I unlock my hidden Energies?

I am learning to control and unlock my main Ki/Chakras/Energy and I am wanting to learn how to unlock my energies that are hidden. Also, I am wanting to learn more about the dark energy, if I can use it or if its real? Any tips on the Chakra/energy/chi you can give me will help also. Thank you.


  1. Hypnosis. Find a trance tape. Ask yourself a question. Go into trance and you will have the answer upon returning. Dr. Andre Weil had some very effective hypnosis tapes. You can also write your own hypnosis script. I haven’t heard of any dark energy, light energy or bland. Engery is what you make of it.

  2. Acupuncture. But find a very good practitioner with a good disposition and a lot of experience.
    I don’t think “dark” energy is anything more than blockage of the good energy.

  3. Dark energy is the energy responsible for the expansion of the universe. For all intents and purposes, it means nothing to you. You have no “hidden” energy. Just energy you are aware of using, and energy you are unaware of using. Meditation can awaken a connection between your unconscious and conscious minds, allowing you to gain access to and understand all of the “energy” which you possess.
    Chi is the word used for this unconscious energy and is believed by most to be your “life force”. Some people use Chakra alignment to find and maintain their chi. Chakra meditation involves relieving stress and coming to terms with all of your feelings and thoughts. For more details, Google it, because it’s kind of detailed.
    Awakening your subconscious is the hardest and most life-changing journey you could possibly ever embark upon. Good luck… you’re going to need it…

  4. Your question ended up in a science category (probably because you used the word energy), but this has nothing whatever to do with science. Try an entertainment section.

  5. I have always believed in magic and unlocking hidden energy and using energy to control time or objects i keep having wierd flashbacks that show some guy destroying a town and then some 8 or nine year old kid stands up to him and completely obliterates him with some kind of energy


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