how can i unleash my psychic powers?





i am a psychic i have seen the future before i just cant unleash my powers when ever i want to


  1. well, i have three types of answer on this subject.
    1. having a precognitive dream, o maybe two doesn’t make yo a psychic. reading tarot cards with the manual on the other hand, it is not being psychic. hot and cold readings are not psychic tools, so if you use them, you are not a psychic.
    2. according to popular beliefs, powers are unleashed after you have a traumatizing event. like, when you need it to defend yourself.
    3. according to my expertise, as a full fledged empath, you get it at a point of your life when you can both handle it and understand it. i got it when i was 15. i guess that was my time. but the thing is once you get it, it is unlocked. or unleashed. you can use it whenever, in a way which makes you comfortable. some use trances, some physical contacts, whatever works. from that point on, it doesn’t grow (the ability i mean). it is you who grow and make it bigger. so maybe, just maybe, the fact that you cannot access it at will, means you are not big enough for it too handle.

  2. Anybody who pretends that they can tell you how are only stringing you along. If any person could actually demonstrate that they can “unleash” their psychic powers, the debate would be over. But to date nobody can demonstrate any kind of psychic powers under controlled conditions (e.g., where they can’t cheat and results are evaluated systematically and statistically). A more likely explanation for such things are self-deception due to power of suggestion and confirmation bias.
    That being said, if you still want to pursue this, meditation is almost always the catch-all answer for anything involving psychic abilities, though again keep in mind that nobody has ever shown this works.

  3. Try to think about the times that you have seen into the future. See if you did anything different to normal. What were your emotions? Was there a great amount of need or was it quite a relaxed thing? Was it in a dream or just a gut feeling? Did you try to do it or did it just seem natural?
    Either way, meditation could be very useful if you do it properly.
    Oh, also think about your surrounding. Were you by yourself and was anything weird/abnormal happening in the background. For example was there a certain smell which you are not used to?

  4. meditation helps. simple meditation, for about a half hour every day, helps you learn to quiet the inner “chatter” and learn to better listen to the true inner voice.

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