How can i turn my plain dorm room into a "zen" room, for meditation?

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things to help with stress, bring tranquility, maybe meditate a little, a room that immediately sucks you in and brings calmness to your soul…what kinds of colors should i focus on, what objects, posters, arrangement…etc. 10’x15′

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Cheshire C

Well, arrange it how you like. Like, different sections for money, health, ect ect.
Maybe some calming incense.

Captain Copasetic

I’m sire if you ask around, there are black market substances which will more than suffice.


Bean bags, lava lamps, psychadelic posters, a top-shelf bong and get in good with your local drug dealers. They may be in need of tutoring so use that in trade to cut some good deals.

John Galt

A couple Bob Marley posters, a bronze statue of a Hindi deity, and some incense burners.


You have to have a lot of clear space on the floor. Set a mat out and zafu pillow for sitting meditation. place them 3 feet from the wall. have a small altar on your dresser w/ a statue of buddha and two large candles on either side. keep the room immaculate and clean. make sure the walls are painted only one color.


-Use whatever colors calm you– neutrals or soft hues found in nature would do well
-Put out a mat for sitting on during meditation, or a comfortable chair if you prefer
-add a small table for an altar or to burn candles/incense
-Use feng shui when arranging things in the room
-Keep it uncluttered, clean, minimal decorations & furniture


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