How can I transform my bad energy into good?

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I find myself being very critical of others and quick to judge. Sometimes I make my opinions known, other times I just let them fester within me. I find myself becoming angry too quickly and lashing out without thinking about the consequences.
I think I would greatly improve my life if I was to somehow grab hold of this negativity and do something more constructive with it…learn to be more compassionate, understanding, and tolerant.
Are there any particular religions and/or schools of thought that I could read up on to aid in this quest?

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Christian, I take it? Maybe you can pray it away.

Artemis Goldfish

Sure, there’s the school of thought called “Stop it.” If you’re not being nice to people and judge too much, stop it. Cut it out. What’s wrong with you, judging other people and such? The only person who can change you is YOU, so get to it.


how about if you give it to God?

A New Regular

Do something that makes you happy. Try things out, for goodness’ sake! You need my approval for trying golf or jogging or playing football with a beer-can or whatever!!!?!!


Maybe you should look more into your mistakes. Your quick to judge others, but i doubt your perfect. I have the same problem sometimes. I realised that the best thing to do is to sit back, listen to the convo at hand and slowly move in to the convo and pre-think how you will approach the convo. Realise that everyone is entitled to there own opinion, style, ideology, etc. Try to be open and make sure you give good explanations and logic when your talking with others
You have 2 ears and 1 mouth. Listen more and talk less!!!

Charles & Willa

Any New Thought Church, especially Centers For Spiritual Living. and/ or
THey have recently dropped the name “religious science” to avoid confusion with Scientology, and Christian Science with which they have NO connection.
New Thought is a spiritual / philosophical movement started in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. THeir core beliefs are
1. A Universal Spirit (God)
2. Our oneness with God on the soul level
3.THe power to change our lives through changing our thinking
They are very inclusive and do not preach any hardline dogma, other than the general concepts above. The emphasis is on the here and now, and learning spiritual principles to make our lives , and others’ lives better. Most details are left up to the individual believer.
Another more traditional New Thought church is Unity School of Christianity. They teach the above concepts within a traditional, but more “liberal” than mainstream setting.
Both emphasise positive thinking and attitudes. You will not be pressured to convert or join. These are NOT cults, but very fine psychologically sound organisations. Try the websites above for more info.


I am impressed with your self-honesty, your ability to self-observe and that you have hit the heart of the question so succinctly: How can I transform MY bad energy into good? I like it that you own up to your faults, don’t blame others for your thing and seek an answer to improve yourself. You are like a rare bird in this world.
I have wrestled with this question, and perhaps if I share with you what I learnt, then it might give you some ideas. I tend to be over analytical and like to observe people. I often see what is wrong with other people, at least in my mind’s eye – I’m a great judge of others! (NOT!) I spend many months looking at this curiosity of my nature, and observed several things: 1. Being busy seeing what was wrong with others I became blind to seeing what was wrong with me. 2. Being busy with my judging thoughts is what fed anger – my thoughts had an angry undertone. 3. Being busy with thinking was how I was using my energy/time.
Then I arrived to the same question as you, how to change this bad energy into good? My solution was a simple one, and it required ACTION or DOING, versus just THINKING about it. It’s like bad energy builds up the more one doesn’t do something active about a problem one knows about. When one acts upon it, then it moves the energy and makes something new and different. We all tend to over think everything, which I believe causes so much stress and negativity.
The action I determined I needed to do was to simply stop the thinking, stop using my energy to think so much, as that was the root cause of all my problems. It was hard to do at first, like dropping a very old habit, but I persevered with it, and eventually the bad energy receded. It wasn’t like I transformed bad energy into good, but rather, that I just stopped creating the bad energy in the first place.
I don’t think you need any religion or schools of thought, as this is thought-based, I think action is more appropriate. Practising dropping one’s thinking is a simple thing one can try, and because you can observe yourself so well, I think you can give it a go and observe what happens. I would be interested to hear of your experiments and observations if you try it.

BeiYin *The People Whisperer*

BeiYin: That’s a good question because most people don’t reflect about themselves, they are just victims of their own state of being, having caused it by themselves and turning around themselves. Getting out of this the first step is to ask and then also questioning oneself.
Let’s look at it more in general: People’s usual way is, if they don’t like something, that they want to change this by getting rid of it, eliminating it or manipulating it. But people don’t want to loose anything that is part of themselves, unless they can change it for something that is better. So you ask wanting to transform one state into another one. You say: “My bad energy” as if this is your property wanting it to change it into ‘good energy’ and looking for a way to do this.
First one needs to find out what this ‘bad energy’ is and from where it comes from. It is now your ‘property’ because you are identified with your feelings and your reactions, but you will need to look at it nearer. Tell me, when does it show that you have ‘bad energy’, when does it come up?
Comment: I find myself being very critical of others and quick to judge. Sometimes I make my opinions known, other times I just let them fester within me. I find myself becoming angry too quickly and lashing out without thinking about the consequences.
BeiYin: It seems that you are caught in the common game of seeking confirmation for your self image. That means that your personality that is built up from your established concepts, beliefs, dreams, opinions, hopes, with another word: your world view, – needs constantly to be confirmed. For this you need people and to get what you want, you are provoking them. In the first place because you are expressing your energy and that you do even if you don’t talk. So then people are reacting and that gives you the reason to react, so you become angry and then express yourself even stronger or you hold back your reaction and you don’t let it out, but it effects you inside.
Doesn’t this show pretty clear that you are in a big game? You are using others to show yourself and all the other do the same. Some how attacking others by their expression and defending themselves fighting against others.
Comment: Yes I see, but I don’t understand why we are doing this. Maybe we are satisfied when we win in this game, but mostly one is disappointed and then wants more. So why I’m in this game?
BeiYin: Because this is how you feel your existence. By expressing yourself and by reacting. You are using your mind and emotions for this. You are expressing intellectual arguments and then reacting emotionally. You are identified with your thoughts and your emotions and so you get your feeling of existence out of it. It is easy to understand that this feeling is limited to the capacity of your personality and it is clear that you can’t be really satisfied by this…
Comment: Can I learn to be more compassionate, understanding, and tolerant?
BeiYin: First you need to understand that the ‘negativity’ you are observing is the result of being involved in your personality games. You as the observer are aware of the result but you are not yet aware of what is causing your reactions at the same time seeing that these are not going together with what you feel is right for you.
There is a split. But you can’t get out of it by doing something from the same standpoint wanting to use your ‘negativity’ to do something constructive with it. You need to change the root cause why negativity appears. You are responsible for your energy that is not ‘bad’ and not ‘good’ by itself. To be more understanding and tolerant as a state of being comes as a result within ones growing process and can’t be learned. You can’t clean and fill a container as long it is full.
Comment: Are there any particular religions or schools of thought that I could read up on to aid in this quest?
BeiYin: There has been established concepts of all kind in this since beginning of human kind and every day there are showing up new ones. From my experience I can say that if you want to get out of your personality games then it will not help that you update your concepts and self image with something new for you, even it is more sophisticated like new high pitched spiritual concepts. These might serve you for the moment to survive but they will just give you techniques to manipulate or avoid confrontation with reality.
Comment: Isn’t there anything that can help me in becoming more aware about all these influences and that helps to develop my intuition so that I can find the best way?
BeiYin: You can be critical about whatever shows up and ask questions, not because you want confirmation for your established concepts but to clear up what is there. With your questions you are on the right way.
Comment: How can I know that information I am receiving serves to free myself or that it keeps me in the game?


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