How can I transform into someone useing chi/chakra

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Is there anyway I can transform into anyone by useing my chi or any other way like another source of power? I want to physically transform into anyone and please help!! there has to be a way!!!!! =( Any ancient shaman spells witchcraft or anything? any ancient riturals????? any any any WAYS?? please I have to know!!! some one out there in this world please help me!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need advice or anything If you laugh at this question your just imiture and youll be wasteing ur time. please if anyone knows a process to be able to do this please help!!!

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Same thing I answered last time some idiot asked this question:;_ylt=Aj6oKmq58lhxtfeaNouSydfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080731113458AAbz2Ct
Seriously. Stop asking the same question over and over again. If people tell you you can’t do it. That means YOU CAN”T DO IT!


…..there is one way. but you will have to plead your case. i will give you advice, but you must explain to me why you need it.

Martin G

Why do people believe in magic and spells and all this nonsense?…WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY PEOPLE!

jing mai

i do believe in magick. i use herbs, candles, gemstones, incense, walnut, my blood and semen for spirits. (i’m learning)
but using magic to transform your physical body? eh……… i don’t know
i don’t think there will be any ritual or magick that can change your physical body.
don’t get disappointed, You Can Try Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery


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