Home Discussion Forum How can I transform into someone useing chi/chakra

How can I transform into someone useing chi/chakra

Is there anyway I can transform into anyone by useing my chi or any other way like another source of power? I want to physically transform into anyone and please help!! there has to be a way!!!!! =( Any ancient shaman spells witchcraft or anything? any ancient riturals????? any any any WAYS?? please I have to know!!! some one out there in this world please help me!!!!!!!!!!!! I really need advice or anything If you laugh at this question your just imiture and youll be wasteing ur time. please if anyone knows a process to be able to do this please help!!!


  1. i do believe in magick. i use herbs, candles, gemstones, incense, walnut, my blood and semen for spirits. (i’m learning)
    but using magic to transform your physical body? eh……… i don’t know
    i don’t think there will be any ritual or magick that can change your physical body.
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