Home Discussion Forum How can I transfer negative energy to someone?

How can I transfer negative energy to someone?

I want to rid the negative energy surrounding me and put it on another person….How do I do that?


  1. Why transfer it? Just let it go by refocusing your thoughts. There is enough negativity in the world today, without you being the author of more.

  2. You can’t and shouldn’t try to place negative energy on others but you can prevent yourself from being a host for such energy FROM others.

  3. ‘Let the good times roll.’ So the old song goes. What I want to know, though, is why do the good times ever stop rolling? What causes them to come to a grinding halt? Perhaps good times can’t roll on forever. Perhaps they have to stop and start. Perhaps, if they don’t, we lose all ability to recognise whether those times are good or bad because we have nothing to compare them to. Then again, perhaps we shall never know why some times are good, and others bad. But, then, perhaps it doesn’t matter. Good times can start now to roll for you… as long as you stop worrying, questioning and putting yourself under too much pressure.

  4. That is an illusion. What ever negative you send against another comes back to you if it really ever left. Wishing others ill harm is the same as wishing it on yourself.
    You attract to you what is in YOUR energy. So careful of how you feel.
    To cleanse yourself correctly buy some smudge sticks (sage) and burn it in your space. Sea salt baths are also a good way to transform negative energy. But if you really want to get rid of negative energy you will become peace within yourself.


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