how can I tell wheter my amethyst is real or fake?

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I have no idea to tell. any suggestions?

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kerstin g

they arent precious stones, so it doesnt matter

Mildred S

i would take to jeweler. i would not let the jeweler test without being present though. good luck.

Alyssa M

Soak it in distilled vinegar overnight (24 hours) – If the vinegar turns green, it means that the Amethyst is natural. If the vinegar remains clear it means it was created in a lab.
This is due to the mineral properties of natural Amethyst and the chemical make up of vinegar.
This will not hurt the stone and it will not hurt the setting (Gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver).
Hope this helps you out dear =)


It doesn’t work 🙁


Amethysts are so cheap, it’s probably real.


Take it to a jeweler


help me I have a queston if someone knows . i have an old necklace that has 45 opals and like two rows of amethyst. the opals are real i had them looked at he was so busy i wanted to know the value. any body know??

Alexandra Hale

Leave it in vinegar over night if its green than its real. if its still the same its fake ;D your welcome


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