How can I tell the color of my aura?

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I know a secret and I will share it with you. But you have to trust me. Okay? This works every time. Follow my directions to the letter. In a couple days I will come back and add to my answer, giving you the final part of the secret.
First, fill the bathtub with nice hot water and use bubble bath liberally. Before you get in, have a radio or stereo playing so that you can hear it and put on the most beautiful music you know.
Then light at least three or four candles in the bathroom and turn off the light.
Next, get undressed and step into the tub. It should be as hot as you can stand and very very sudsy. Settle into the tub slowly. Make sure your whole body is either underwater or covered with bubbles. (Except for your head and face.)
Then close your eyes and try to remember the most wonderful moment from your childhood and play it in your head with as much detail as you can. Do NOT fall asleep. This is very important.
Then open your eyes and examine the bubbles on your hand. Look at them closely and see the reflections of candle light in them. Listen to them as they pop by the thousands.
I will be back in a couple of days. This is only the first part of the exercise, but you must complete it before doing it again and finishing with the rest of the answer I am going to give you.
Oh, I almost forgot. This must be done after sunset.


theres these things you put your hand on and it tells you


how can you tell who knows the answer to this question???


sometimes you cant see your own aura but someone else can. to see your own aura you have to have a sence of purity or hatred. most ppl cant see their aura

cameron greene

ask a blind person


Well, I’m not sure if this works, but you can try it…
I’ve heard that if you hold your hand up to a white wall and look off to the side, you can see it.
I’ve tried it, but I’m not sure if it was really my aura or not.


kirlian photography, or a psychic sensitive to it.


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