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How can I tell that my chakras are unbalanced?

Does it feel like a gigantic weight is on the chakra, or like it is spinning super fast. This is what I am experiencing..
How do I balance a chakra?


  1. You would have to see someone who is sensitive to seeing/feeling charkras. I know that mine are out of balance, especially my throat one because I get tightness in the neck at the front. If you know someone who can do dowsing or a pendulum, get them to hold a pendulum over the chakras. My friend does this and the pendulum moves around with the chakras so she can see what they’re doing.
    You could always buy specific crystals for each chakra and try to balance them out that way.
    There’s a very good book about chakras and healing called Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan.

  2. Chakras go directly against judeo-christian beliefs.
    EDIT: The belief in chakras has originated in Hinduism, a many faceted often polytheistic religion. Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure Jesus is referred to as “THE son of GOD”, not “One of the many sons of one of the many gods”. Unless of course Jesus does not believe in his own hype, which would be astonishing.

  3. Ok, so I’m Catholic and have to disagree w/previous answerer. Do you think Christ didn’t have energies to heal? To communicate? To send out love and compassion? Let’s be open!
    Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I think there are also cd’s or maybe downloads with Tibetan singing bowls or other tones that you can use and visualize the chakras from the lowest corresponding to the lowest tone, to the highest. Sometimes yoga studios do guided meditation workshops on chakras too… but yeah, there probably are specific practitioners you could see on this issue too…
    also…you can visualize the corresponding color energies as well, from the red at the root chakra to the white at the crown chakra

  4. Go to see a Reiki practitioner or other healer who can check your chakras. My website has extensive information on chakras including a written chakra meditation on the chakra page and a video on the video page.


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