How can i tell someone im a witch?

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I’m afraid to tell my friends i’m a witch without them 1. thinking it’s a joke. 2. Being afriad of me and start to avoid me or 3. telling everyone in the known universe. How do you think I should go about this?

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Turn them into a newt.
Seriously though I wouldn’t tell them if you think they’d judge you.




Just tell them, “Imma witch, bitch!” and walk away.


Don’t worry – they’ll only refer you to professional help. 😉


they will float, or be lighter then a duck

Raith [strawberry]

You could just not tell them. Seriously, no one really has to know. If you’re worried about telling them then don’t tell them.


If they can’t accept you for who you are, then they aren’t true friends.

one way

Nobody cares, everyone only cares for themselves
Why would you want to be something, that GOD hates?
GOD holds your next breath in HIS hand, do not tempt HIM.


Try talking to them about similar subjects without coming out and saying you’re a witch. This will enable you to see if they would be receptive to your religious beliefs.
If they don’t seem supportive, then don’t tell them. And you should probably start looking for friends that are supportive. Someone that isn’t accepting of your religion is not a good friend.


Don’t tell them you are a witch, this makes people think of an old lady who rides on a broom.
Tell them you are a Wiccan or something, this sounds more normal.


Let them know that the myth of what witches are is far different than the reality of witches (Wiccans). My Grandmother is a wiccan, and defies anyone to mess with her. Learn the history of the religion, and put in Context with every other religion, it is not as ridiculous as it may seem.


I agree with nic, people will make judgments about you even if they don’t know the whole truth about what being a witch really is, i speak from personal experience. And if they really are your friends, it wont matter, they will accept you for who you are and for your beliefs. And by the way all witches are not Wiccan and not all Wiccans are witches.

Beth R

dont bother telling them if you dont want to. There’s no reason they have to know. A fair few of my friends dont know, even family, my work collegues don’t know because i dont feel the need to tell them its my faith and my business.i used to wrry what my exes friends would say- some went vey funny with me some were fine about it when they found out. I brought it up in a conversation though( rather than just walking up to them and blurting out “hey guess what, im a witch!” – which is not advisable to do it just makes you look like an attention seeker!)
just tell them, if you want to but dont feel you have to. explain what it is and let them make their own opinions after that. If they judge and are horrible to you about it, they arent honsetly worth being friends with anyway- true friends will care about you no matter what!

Crystal clear

Why do you feel the need to tell your friends about your spiritual beliefs/practice? Are you prepared to give honest and accurate answers to the many questions that are bound to come up, without getting upset at the inevitable jokes and misconceptions?
Seriously – one friend I’ve had for several years and have had some deep conversations with over the years just found out a month ago that I’m a Wiccan and witch – our personal beliefs to that extent never came up before then. But since we’ve spent much time over the years having intellectual conversations as well as having fun together and doing those little things for each other that friends do now & then, we had a strong enough foundation so that finding out about our religious differences made no difference in our relationship other than we have something else to discuss and learn more about from each other. Usually one has a group of friends that one shares common interests with and those interests are not directly related to religion – this need not change until you are ready for it.
How long have you been studying & practicing witchcraft? If you are fairly new to it, or you are still questioning like this – doubting that your friends will take you seriously and treat it with respect – it may be best to keep it to yourself for a while longer. You may want to consider joining a couple of pagan forums online and/or look for workshops and meetups in your area to discuss “witchy” related things with others of like mind.


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