Home Discussion Forum how can i tell if i am clairvoyant?

how can i tell if i am clairvoyant?

really i would like to know?


  1. If you have had an experience where you felt that you saw something that really happened, but you shouldn’t have been able to see it, then you may be clairvoyant. This could include seeing something happening in another place entirely, something happening on the other side of an obstruction through which you shouldn’t be able to see (like a wall), something that happened in the past, or something that hasn’t happened yet.
    There is no scientific consensus that clairvoyance exists.

  2. If you knew that I was going to post this answer before I actually posted it then you’re clairvoyant. But then you already knew that, didn’t you?

  3. First read up on it.Not just the people who say it exists but those who don’t.Keep your mind open and really look into it.Then just be honest with yourself.You’ll know if you’re clairvoyant,I guarantee it.

  4. Visions. You’d see stuff. I get visions that resemble dreams in the way they look, except that I’m looking at them in the center of my forehead, through my third eye. Often it’s a snapshot, a quick picture that pops up in my mind. The edges of it aren’t clean the way a dream would be, though… when I have a vision, it’s a picture that fades in and fades out and the edges are ragged, like a picture that’s been torn from a book. In a dream you see things as if you were living it, from a first person POV. A vision is more like looking at a picture.
    knowing something before it happens isn’t clairvoyance. Clairvoyance literally means “clear sight” which is exactly what it is–SIGHT.
    Knowing things before they happen is called Claircognizance, literally, “clear knowing”. there’s a difference. If you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence people try looking up definitions first.
    And NG is right. If you have it, you know it.

  5. wow. okay. I think I am clairvoyant. I can feel it. most of the time, I have visions and then a few hours later, It happens. have you guys ever experienced that? one scenario was in my friends house, we had a sleepover and then woke up at around 7am, everything looks normal, and then I saw my friends brother at the couch watching boxing on tv, and I had this image in my head that my boyfriend and my friend’s brother are watching the same game in the couch. a few hours later my boyfriend picked me up IN MY FRIENDS house and usually I would wait for him outside so he won’t have to go inside the house, but during that incident, I showered late so I wasn’t ready to leave yet. and when I was on my way out, I was shocked to see the exact same image I saw a few hours earlier, only now that It’s clearer and more real. It’s so weird. and this scenarios happen to me all the time. small things that at first don’t make sense, and then before the day ends, I knew that It I saw it twice. one in my head and the other one in real life.

  6. Seeing things around people are called there auras. If you see it , its color. It could be any color. I can see them, it gets kinda creppy sometimes though. I can also see the future in my dreams. I am very thankful for these gifts god gave me and i use them often. Email me any time to ask me questions about my abilties. 🙂
    -love alyson

  7. It’s interesting to read your experiences. For me, I get visions in both dreams and in my mind, usually no longer than 24 hours before they materialize in real life. My best example: I had a dream I was in a hotel, frantically looking for my bf. I walked up to a bar in the lobby where 3 real life friends were seated. 2 of them were sisters and childhood neighbors of mine. The guy was my friend from much later in life (current to the time of the dream in 2008). I was nervous about where my bf was in the dream. George (the guy) said, “hey! what’s wrong?” I said “I’m looking for Jason”. THEN, the 2 girls (Karyn & Penny) said, “Hey! We haven’t seen you in forever! Have a drink with us!” to which I replied “I can’t, I need to find Jason”. I then walked down one of the hotel corridors but stopped at the mouth of the hallway. I looked down the hall to the last room on the right and the door was open, music blaring, and guys in togas running in and out. I froze, couldn’t go any further, but I knew Jason was IN that room. (Dream ends) I woke up and went out to the living room where Jason was sitting, told him about it, and the toga party. He looked shocked…and said, “That’s so weird, I was invited to a toga-party yesterday.” A week later, we broke up. I moved back to my hometown and MUCH to my surprise, guess who hit me up on FB??? KARYN & PENNY. What did they want? “You should come out and have drinks with us!” I couldn’t believe it. That was my strongest memory of being what I call “A lil bit psychic”. Otherwise, I see quick images in my head of things that materialize soon after. Little random things. It’s fun! I try not to focus tooo hard on it…I feel like I cloud my ability when I try too hard. 🙂


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