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How can I submit myself to hypnosis?

I am primarily right brained, making me supposedly less able to hypnosis. I am wondering if there are any tips to allow myself to really listen to suggestion and follow it without anything interfering. Any ideas?
Maybe I should have mentioned this, I meant for self-hypnosis.


  1. Well,
    Your best bet is go see a professional to hypnotize you instead of trying to do it on yourself. Hypnosis is apparently great to uncover unconscious conflicts within and any childhood trauma.
    Go visit http://www.spiritualregression.org It does deal with past lives but the therapist can only work with this life and your childhood if you think it would help you.
    Good luck.

  2. If you are ready to follow directions. any good hypnotist can help you. You must be willing to follow directions as they are given. the odds are better that 90% in favor of you doing a sucessful induction.

  3. what you’re trying to do is bypass the critical analytical mind. this can be done through through repeating a suggestion so many times to yourself in a relaxed dissociated state that it becomes imprinted into the unconscious.
    you want your unconscious mind to listen to the suggestions.
    you don’t want your conscious mind to listen to the suggestions.
    the conscious mind differentiates between reality and fantasy and in doing so can interfere and reject the acceptance of a suggestion.


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